Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Luvin' my Dotty Dot on Dot Hop ~ To Do List

I'll be out of town - weekend retreat.   I'll take my laptop (I've decided to utilize it much, much more.... rather than buying another toy - IPAD !!!) . . . . and I'll show and tell and post as I go.   But on today, I wanted to give myself a reminder of this upcoming Friday... to go home and pull out some dots... and a favorite pattern... it will probably be a paper-pieced - fussy - cut pattern!

thanks.... to Madame Samm  (Sew We to visit) for getting us quilt-girls together!  Gosh... I made it in on the last day!!!

In the mean-time....  I am grandmother's hands.... a wonderful song by Bill Withers...I'm 3/4's on the way to being finished with my Cathedral Window Quilt

Calculations:   (ABOVE)   I take an 8.5" muslin square, Fold and press into a single 3.5" square.   I join four(4) single squares 

 in order to make a 7" four-patch unit.    (ABOVE) . . . I machine stitch FOUR -- 4-patch units together and   TA-DAAAA !!!   (BELOW)
Although I say there are 64 single square units joined in this picture.... there a many more fabric color pieces (since the joining of four-patches create another Cathedral Window.   

I'll be happy to bus-travel and enjoy my bedroom at the weekend retreat.... and did I say hand-quilt a lot while I'm coming and going!!!

Here are my blog friends schedule!!

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  1. Have fun at your retreat. I love your cathedral window quilt. It's just beautiful! So nice to have met you!


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They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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