Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remembering my 07-14-2009 Post . . .

Another Important Venture....!!!

The Q.S.O.S. project  . . . . .

After visiting the AAQ website ( -- lots of  inspiration from quilters of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds.

The  Q.S.O.S. manual ( is on the website --- downloading it and becoming a volunteer interviewer.

I am going to present the project to my guild/ community leadership to see if they would undertake or underwrite the Q.S.O.S. project.

Quiltalotamus Website... click it!

It looks as though it's earliest recorded history may have been the Augusta Maine catalogue, Hearth and Home, in the late 1800's, when this was called Tumbler. Then, the Kansas city Star released it several times.

in 1930, as Goblet, in 1934 as Water Glass, and again in 1937, as The Old Fashioned Goblet...if set on point, with corner triangles, it was called The Wine Glass by the Oklahoma Farmer Stockman, in 1920- a periodical from Oklahoma City.

My reflections on quiltin w/ Judy Howard....

Looking back over the 12-13 years that I've scouted around for quiltin resources, shops, antiques and all --- I stopped in at Buckboard Quilts when it was located on say 15th & Classen Blvd, OKC.  Quaint and cozy, The owner was nice, cordial.  Out of several visits, I remember buying on-sale old magazines and patterns Judy was letting go.   Also, there was a unique quilt pattern of a goblet -- drinking cup - (Silver Chalice) paper-peiced about 10-12 inches that caught my attention... I still intend to duplicate it one day.  

The store had beautiful quilts,,, hanging full length from folding stands... a house-like setting with rooms and antique Singer treadle machines.    Later - it was gone.... and I learned of Judy Howard on the net.     I saw her book publications.... didn't participate.  Just put it off.  I would see Judy at quilt shows, we made intro's and-again-- she was genuine and friendly.
My Proud Masterpiece !

Let say two years ago.... being a smart, connected lady... she hosted the Centenial Quilt Show with a showing at the OK State Capital Rotunda.  I entered my buffalo quilt (22" wall hanging dated 8-26-2007)   

As time moved along, we'd see each other and chit-chat.   As I surfed...

I noted her involvement in the quilts for Troops.    Lots of prayer and underlying stress as my son enlisted Feb 4th-2004 @ Ft Sill, OK US Army.   Almost 5 years of embattlement in Tikrit, Baghdad-Iraq (two tours)-ridin on humvees....landmine accidents and all.  

This easily led to mixed emotions of Black enclisted men and women....... serving on foreign soil... and always seeking justice in the USA.  I chatted in an e-mail to Judy, she said that she didn't have many (or any?) African American quilts represented.... so I jumped at the sober opportunity to put my feelings into a quilt..... And to top it off... 2009 is Post-Obama Election Victory!

ps.... Youngest daughter (25yrs) had the nerve to enlist in AF Reserves 5-6 years in Fayetteville AR... boot camp and all.  (georgeous little face mole!!!lol)    Both youngsters are utilizing the GI Bill money to further their schooling...YEAAAAA!

Check out

Judy Howard, Owner since 1976 of   Buckboard Antique Quilts (405-751-3885)   250 quality vintage quilts at affordable prices:
Book, Program & Exhibit Profits go to Charity Quilting

Celebrating America in Quilts

By Judy Howard

“How do I love America? Let me quilt the ways” is the theme of the 'God Bless America 22” Touring Quilts' that are criss-crossing America for 4 years!  All profits from the accompanying book 'Thanking Our Troops—God Bless America Touring Quilts' and $100/week-end rental fee going to non-profit groups like Quilts of Valor, Marine Quilts, Quilts for Injured Soldiers, Kid Comfort Quilts, Home of the Brave Quilts, or local quilt guilds and churches who provide quilts for wounded troops and families of the fallen.

These pictorial or traditional quilts capture the essence of “America the Beautiful” by paying tribute to our American Heroes, Troops, and depicting “Liberty and Justice for All,” or expressing flag-waving loyalty to our “One Nation Under God.”

We now have over 200 quilts made by people across the nation from a 6 year old boy to 91 year great-great grandma. We’re still taking entries. You don’t have to be a quilter and it’s the perfect way to teach patriotism to your children and grandchildren, as a family project or in classrooms and Boy Scout or brownie groups. These 22” art pieces can be painted, fusible fabric collages, embroidered, cross stitched, or memorialize your ancestors who defended our freedom in past wars by scanning vintage photos and printing on photo transfer paper—anything goes. Quilt photos, entry and rental forms and calendar of future exhibits are on the website.

'Thanking Our Troop—God Bless America Touring Quilts' contains heart-warming stories of the 200 Patriotic Quilts that are touring the US for 4 years with all profits from the books and $100 exhibit fees going to non-profit groups who make quilts for wounded troops and the families of the fallen.

Click to Youtube.... Judy Howard & my quilt entry!

And... my very own creation...... A Flag in my back pocket!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Prairie Quilts in Hennessey OK....

A sweat-shirt Jacket !!

Now... I travelled thru Dover, OK, Kingfisher...  and just up the street from Prairie Quilt.... the sights I saw......

A real.... live...  ~ honkey tonk juke-joint
Now u know... I intend to get back Home to OKC before dark.......

Now.... who woulda-thought about
where these Infamous Oklahoma Oil wells were really made, stored and sold.....  THIS WAS IT @ Hennessey OK

Friday, October 23, 2009

Zuri on Facebook... LUV IT

By the Way.... The Tree Lined little vineyard

on the photo represents the 168 victims slain in the Murrah Federal building bombing of 9:02am on April 19 = = 2005 (or was it a different year????).    The names are also engraved on bricks in a circular walkway with small benches to ponder and pray for the family.   Donald Burns..... I ran into Barb a few days ago.   Larry Turner, the two little boys... so many.  Quite a memorial...

Now, for a little beauty on my quilt journey !  Some Pink & Green

I started this in about August-September... Finished here in October 2009!

The most beautiful of fall days.....OESC

Starting my day with Yolanda Adams.... Mountain High & Valley Low!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Click Here to Women on Quilts . . . .

Join *** 
Kyra Hicks LIVE to talk about
                                Harriet Powers' Bible Quilts and her Research

Friday, October 16, 2009

Black Women of the Quilting WORLD>>>>> Big Hearts

Dr. Carole Mazloomi.... surprise phone call (Good Lord!).....   after stress and strains... her heart was big enuf  to include my humble quilt in her upcoming book.

I never would have thought.... but I still hoped against hope.    She has been so gracious in dealing with me !!!!

When the quilt was returned from Ohio as a "No Go". . . .  I have not even opened the box... its been just sitting full of initial disappointment within myself....

Again, I am either no worth a dime..... or worth more than I think of myself as a quilter and artist...

Carole's words are still running thru my mind...... today....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey-Hey-Hey... I'm into new stuff in the world of internet quiltin!

Check out a couple of the side-bar groups I've joined!   click-click-click

My Quilt Post ~ ~ Blogger's Quilt Festival (Fall) 2009

I am participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival 2009 which is hosted by Amy from Park City Girl.

This is a second remake of a favorite, colorful quilt.... My technique was freelance. . . to the point that the focal fabric pictured three generations of women.  My own granddaughter was born a year ago last August!   I simply built colors in a medallion fashion.... 

There are days when I just want to test things out, to piece a few scraps in no particular sequence.... So I had paper peiced the four hearts in the corner.   The yellow and green hour-glass blocks were odd-sized leftovers.... but as the Lord would have it  -- just perfect in the quilt.

Then you;ll see I zig-zagged a few lines to break the mold.   It is suggested that my slave ancestors believed that bad spirits travel in a straight line.... HENCE, a few crooked edges were needed.

The black and gold geese are zagged... the red black and green star is a unique heritage symbol of black power from the sixties generation.   and the Ohio Star carries Little Africa in the middle point!

So, it ends up my masterpiece, my pride and joy.   The first quilt that I made in this fashion had two black women with arms raised towards the sky....  I have my best girlfriend (we both became pregnant to our now thirty years old daughters of today.... how time flies!)   This girlfriend visited on a whim, and yep -- she asked and she would be the only person in the world I'd give my quilt to.   Thus, I wanted to this one as a remake!  (mind u -- I 'm hopin I have only one best friend in the world... so I can keep this one!)

Luv- peace and solitude to all !


Luvin' My life...... Oct 16-2009!

Color me happy.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Handmade Gifts of Repentance...

I messed up ROYALLY....   I've gotten much too oooooo oooo old to make excuses.  I gain a greater understanding of myself.   And being my own - biggest fan.... I do what I can... And I realize what I cannot or will not do at the PRESENT TIME !

So it has been.... in my desire and repeatedly telling myself that I would make a DOTEE DOLL.... I enjoyed the first one I made.... but my hands and heart have never moved to sew the next PROMISED DOLL!  

So, it is that because I truly want to share and honor my committment to a woman-friend . . . .  I am sending these hand-sewn gifts.
To my postcard swap friend!

They Told Us: Lymphoma 8-31-2009

They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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