Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sewing Stuff and Fabric.....Everywhere

So,  I went on a binge last night
that picked up an unfinished paper pieced block from
my girlfriend at the OKC Community Quilt Guild....

Then, I re-hung on my wall.... I ironed out the wrinkles... and took to
paper piecing again on the COMPASS block!!!

And then, I closed out my beautifully messy... filled up walls and floor space... along with all the fabric
in my cabinets...   

I am not sure what I'll ever do with these seven sisters... seven star UFO..
But am I happy or what....!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zsa Zsa I adore !!

I want to remember her birthday @ 7-11-2009!   I am so blessed to see my baby enjoying this lady-bug blanket.... several postings as it was in the making.... it was a UFO.... and then shipped and to be enjoyed.

This is one of the surprising ways in which to answer the questions.... What is a Quilt.....????
Why Quilt????

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stitchin''' and finished....yippee

Finished quilt top is 60"x 74" approx.. 
I added grandson and son's name....
My son had a couple of jobs... (he probably hated to long night shift hours...)

Added his fishing hobby...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative Everyday.....

I had good momentum.... My only son is having a birthday on 3-11-2011...dare I think 29 years old!  So I had partial idea-scrap fabric and blocks.
Mr. T!                T-won         Tony Ray.......
 My Army Veteran

Roots and Wings.....Dry Bones

That's the Ezekiel Bible vision that asks... can these dry bones live again??? and with the help of the Good Lord... Yes!

I've spent three days away from posting, and away from my quilting room.   Just letting my roots be exposed, abused..... out in the open,, roots that are rough and somewhat ugly.... my within alive with beaut and life!  SO what if I'm feeling a little down, blue, dreary....God gives summer, winter and fall.... a season for all things.  And this season will end... and spring is in the underground sap.

So, I reflect on ROOTS.....The one and only Mr. Kunta Kente....defining root as a part of a plant body that bears no leaves, and therefore also lacks nodes

Last year, I pulled a good many Beaded Iris plants from this OESC unattended garden bed.  I'll go and photo and see how my back yard is growing.    It's somewhat miraculous... that with the neglect and severe snow.... they will undoubtedly bloom... another year.

I'm waiting my retirement time.... another year.   I'm waiting for my money/bank/savings account to grow... another year.    I'm with my mother, sister, brothers.... another year.  

 These tree roots... not a very big trunk... hmmmm.....  they have survived deep beneath the earth... and visibly here....
 A cement table is placed near the base roots of this old oak... I suppose this is what this shade tree is.  Just outside the west side of my office building.

Here are my indoor beauties....
Above ---  This one is in memory of Auther Jordan....
 Above ---This is affectionately called...... a mother'n'laws tongue
Above are my 2010 purchase of succulents.... a new breed that I'm into.   I purchased about 4 different jade plants.. so far and each one has dried up and is dying at home and at work.....
Here are my problem plants... below.... the questionable jade and replanted Mo'n'Law plant.
Below --- And I'll call this a Ricardo- McPherson plant....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do You Collect...........

Do you ever browse the antique or quaint junk shops... as I see and love them  ??????   I'm drawn to large old pots and items for the back yard and fence area.   Then I have to have a couple of small collectibles.... like Thimbles and Cupboards!

Hanging on this little paper-pieced floral.... is a Christmas Ornament.... complete with scizzors and all!

Then +++  here is one of my... couldn't resist buying... and house of sewing tidbits....

Time for a Comparison Check of My Creativity !!!

Kirk ~ Creating a Kwilt !!!

I'm linking this post back to September 7- 2010 / / / I thought hard about the setting of this PAPA block for

 Ms Heidi.   But here is the new working....
I'm more pleased with the red - Valentine Love Theme.  I might run back to Hancock fabric for some ON-Sale Valentine Fabric.

This will be a UFO... FINISHED pretty soon... To be Shipped off the Heidi! 

They Told Us: Lymphoma 8-31-2009

They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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