Friday, April 15, 2011

OK Quiltin Friends... another word of the day....

Quick, I was chatting with a friend.... and this little item was on my desk... and I was asked to describe it.   What is a FOB???  A fob is an object used to make manual access easier. It may refer to:
  • Fob pocket, a small pocket in trousers or waistcoats originally intended to hold a pocket watch
  • Key fob, a medallion used to identify a key ring, or position on the ring    A key fob is a generally decorative and at times useful item many people often carry with their keys, on a ring or a chain, for ease of tactile identification, to provide a better grip, or to make a personal statement. Key fobs are often called "key rings" or "key chains" in colloquial usage. The word fob may be linked to the low German dialect for the word Fuppe, meaning "pocket", however, the real origin of the word is uncertain.
So we QUILTERS  have a FOB..... that thing-a-ma-jig that we place on our scizzors or sewing tools as a personal ID or way to decorate and pickup our stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here is a picture of  FOB's for rotary cutters

Another quick net-seach.....Key Fob Pockets were designed to protect your USB drives from the rigors of travel and keep it all close at hand, but they can also hold paper money, a lip balm, gum, etc. Key Fob 

Thursday, April 14, 2011



ih-fem-uh-ruh   (noun)   
(word function as a plural)   a class of collectable items not originally intended to last for more than a short time, such as tickets, posters, postcards or labels.

Egg-cellent !!   Springtime... Easter.... A Savior !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My day began with work... and ended with quilts!

 I pull into my parking lot to begin my day... and then it's on to my computer and wherever else I can connect to quilting.
Meet retired Professor Wallace Owens
 The Owens Arts Place Museum is the first and only Fine Arts Museum in the history of Logan County.

My collection of quilts will hang in Owens Museum

In a MuseumBy Carrie A. Hall

Rare old quilt, of faded hue—
Once a bride’s most precious treasure
Hidden in her dower-chest.
Loving hands that fashioned you
Stitch by stitch, in careful measure
Long ago, are now at rest.

Your patches tell a wondrous story
Of treasured scraps and handicraft;
Of love and home, and dreams come true.
For honored guests your pattern’d glory,
Enfolding them, caressing, soft—
And baby hands have lightly touched you.

Now you’re worth your weight in gold;
To lie in state your only duty,
In pleasant ways your lot is cast
And to the world your tale is told.
To those who love your patterned beauty
You re-create the fragrant past.

Published in The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall and Rose Kretsinger, 1935

Am I becoming a curator????? Yep -- I think so!

An exhibition organizer and Curator (kyoo-rey-ter) directs the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections, including negotiating and authorizing the purchase, sale, exchange, or loan of collections. They are also responsible for authenticating, evaluating, and categorizing the specimens in a collection. Curators often oversee and help conduct the institution's research projects and related educational programs. Today, an increasing part of a curator's duties involves fundraising and promotion, which may include the writing and reviewing of grant proposals, journal articles, and publicity materials, as well as attendance at meetings, conventions, and civic events.
Most curators specialize in a particular field, such as botany, art, paleontology, or history. Those working in large institutions may be highly specialized. A large natural history museum, for example, would employ separate curators for its collections of birds, fishes, insects, and mammals. Some curators maintain their collections, others do research, and others perform administrative tasks. In small institutions with only one or a few curators, one curator may be responsible for a number of tasks, from maintaining collections to directing the affairs of the museum.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Somethin' Old... Somethin' NEW !

Hand and machine stitches... Patchwork by number... 1/2 in seam allowances and sewing notches and dots to match to perfection....

Good Lord!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About Life and quiltin...

My friend says   "Spend It ! ! !  A friend found an unopened bottle of expensive perfume sitting on her dead mother's dresser. Soooo......what am I waiting for! 

I'm using my mother's China, my granddaughter plays with the heirloom Silver Tea set like its plastic.... and I'm using my beautiful journals. Like my firend..... I'm gonna cut up all those wonderful fabrics I've bought.  

Let's Enjoy today.....! and tommorrow!   And even My Eternity is promised....

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