Thursday, January 30, 2020

Me and my girls - R2California 2020

My Life-effecting Road To California Quilt Exhibit 2020

I learned and much needed inspiration this year --  it's always my birthday month of January and I choose to travel via a good quilt show!    Here are a few quilt friends and quilts!

Oh the ribbons, area blocked off and white glove quilt angel

this lady was so SUPER nice -- in her zone of emblishments

OK.... Black quilt guild of Los Angeles.... I want you to call me as a$1.00 winner of HOT FLASHES

Quilt art - artistic beyond galore
This fun guy.... with another award winning FACE PHOTO of a beautiful black woman/pattern!

Wicked Stitches and Tension that LOOP

Think with me for a minute.... something really wicked seems to happen to thread tension... when I stop long-arm machine for a day or two.   I travelled to the Road to California QUILT show last weekend.... not it back to customer orders.

OK. It was somewhat instinctive that I could see the top thread loose.... OH but the loopy loops when you and I peek on the underside.
Shouldn't be to hard to pull out.  and redo....  Plus I'm 5/8th's along towards the finish.!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thoughtfully ~ Thursday Quilt Day

I'm musing over my own well-being.  I'm formulating a couple of quilt projects for publication.  I'm pondering whether to make a road trip to a regional quilt show....

In the meantime, this is a work in progress!

A new quilt friend found me at the Centennial Quilters group -- she wants a long-rammer (should I say it as such....????smile) because she's a quick stitcher... and she has a stack of 20+ quilts

These are 20 inch sail boat blocks (4) centered and simply surrounded.
A simple meander will do.  I'll do a fairly quick one week turn-around for her

It's my birthday month..... This is my super support sister/friend !!   that smile1!!!

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They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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