Wednesday, August 21, 2019

OTF = On the Floor OTW (on the way) 2Finished

Quilt Maker:  Marjorie
St John Centennial Quilter
Date:    August 2019

Pieced T-Shirt Quilt filled with Musical Notes
Measurements:   86" x 93 inching

Happy Children's WIP WEDNESDAY


I was given a couple of Children's Church Choir t-shirts in order to create a quilt to be hung in upcoming St. John Centennial Quilt Exhibit in November 2019

Our small group of quilting' ladies received a small ton of SMOKE Tainted.....  that is the home of the quilt lady really, really smelled of smoke.   So the small ton of fabric was received gratefully... washing and ironed!    And WOW..... a real assortment of fabric did we receive!''

So here's to happy.  Orange is my sister's favorite color!!!   Here's to Tana DeNise !1  Hope to finish piecing the top this week.....   zip a pretty backing and move it to the quilting frame!


Bquiltin ~ Sewin’ Peace & Contentment


Quilter's Story Line

I've been clearing out... rearranging more so.   I stopped to read thru a Quilter's Book of Days I purchased in early 2002 or so.

A reading caused me to reflect on the quilting process.  The It's A Finish posting I've begun to make.  It is indeed something methodical, an evenly paced ~ skill based positioning of the needle into the three layers.  Texture happens right before my hand and eyes.   Graceful but not always perfect swirls I begin to make often moving from left to right across blocks that are completely at my mercy.

Thus, and indeed QUILTIN' THE QUILT becomes a very special process, stitch by stitch I can see a transformation of fabric, batting and backing stretched even and flat.  And a-ha !  The final roll and fold and clamp is in sight.   (Minus a few thread breaks or bobbin re-winds). I'll blog what I learn about thread weight and tension on my Coronet longarm as time goes on.....

Hoping your find the same joy in holding the finished product of an official QUILT.   A label, the binding and a hanging sleeve prepares the quilt for the owner and upcoming quilt show!

Bquiltin ~ Sewin’ Peace & Contentment


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Final Stitch 2019 - Quilt Number 020

 Quilt Stats:
Size :      62" x 76"
Hugs & Kisses Quilt Pattern
Machine Pieced by Owner: Donna V.  (June-Aug 2019)

Bquiltin ~ Sewin’ Peace & Contentment


NE Oklahoma City Quilt Exhibit

Bquiltin ~ Sewin’ Peace & Contentment


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thankful Thursday

August 8, 2019

Who' da thought ... I'd get to know you this-a-way ... Dear Lord!

Thankful and happy --- amongst my evening Moon Flower blooms!

Final Stitch 2019 . Quilt Number 019

As I am gaining mastery and continuing my longarm quilting adventure.......  I intend to document posting of   FINAL STITCH !!

Quilt Stats
58" x 68"

So here it is.  8-7-2019:  (just the facts madam!)

quilting adventure.......  


Happy Stitching !!

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They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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