Monday, December 15, 2014

Save the date... for Growing My Blog!

Signup if over in just two more days...
Join me as I'm happy and blessed today to find Vicki @ 

But what on earth shall I say... ???
Oh What fun and excitement as I save the date of

Sunday ~ JANUARY 25 -- 2015

 happy and blessed today to find Vicki @ 

Hoping to Grow My Blog!
Here’s my my “GOOD WORD” to my blog-land friends…..

See you soon.

Bblessed . . . Bquiltin

Beverly’s   B’Quiltin Blog

Feb 2015! What I've always wanted..... A Tea Cup Exchange!

Words from an inspiring-wise man I first became acquainted with abt 1970 Langston University -- my impressionable college days!  And yes... they were they best of days and years

Tea Cup :  Mug Exchange
February 15, 2015
Save the Date !

Stepahnie at THE ENCHANTED ROSE. Blogspot
... is hosring:  a tea cup exchange she first started back in July 2013.
She said.... "It all began with a love for tea cups and a way of making friends from around the world."

Lord knows, I would love to travel this great world he has created! Such beauty abounds!   I've been safe and home-bound in Oklahoma all of my life.    Oh but to peak into blogs and other peoples world of travel.

I really believe God will give me the desires of my heart. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Beverly’s   B’Quiltin Blog

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You are Invited . . .

To a soothing cup of tea ~ today..... along with this invitation !!
(ps. . . Jan Olsen first posted this!)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Beauty and the Beast within.....

It's just ironic that I'm living 2014 with such peace, beauty and joy..... and yet my world...the USA, the Sandy Hook CT families.... Ferguson MO.... all are filled with INJUSTICE

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Still so many Quilting Ideas and Adventures

Lately, I've spent a good deal of my time browsing via tea cup lovely things.....Beverly Wishing Well    click over and visit - won't You!

But the juices began to flow and the hum of the sewing machine is quite relaxing as the winter weather settles into my home!
The first pic below is the NO WASTE paper piece pattern that is almost finished.... Borders...??? maybe not!   Measure.....

Below is a golden oldie.... tucked away... but I do love the tree... great scrap colors.... would love 12" square blocks.... Maybe the Underground Railroad setting..

At the local quilt shop.... I was awestruck by the colors...and I've never done the Chevron Stripe...
 so here's my start!!!  

and.... I'm pulled towards this 2.5" strip setting.....   I took all of my scraps after bundling and scrapping the NO WASTE pattern....   I ironed and replaced them all OH SO NEATLY in plastic bins.... so....

I hope you are inspired to keep on quilting!   
                           Have a Great Day!

BQuiltin.... always

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They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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