Friday, March 30, 2012

Quiltin away.... the Month of March 2012

My backyard view....
 This a 28patch of Cathedral windows...   sizing up for my bed.  Could be completed as early as August 2012...

Peonies getting ready to bloom... such a short, spectacular blooming season
 There are always two sides to view.... the good, the bad and the ugly are rolled into one.   This is how God really works in my life.    This is the base of a very old rose bush 20+yrs in my back yard...yet there is life....

 This is the first bloom of pink, luscious roses.... there may only be a few on this tree this year.

 These are beaded Iris plants... I planted last year..... getting ready to bloom!!!   Yippee

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday


A new twist for what I usually attribute to Queen of  Soul... Aretha!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The best things in life are free......

Oh... to enjoy a light bite of food....

A bit of yogurt while in Washington DC last week..... I packed my hand sewing and enjoyed my quiet time in a beautiful bed...
.......  Cloudy skies...
 The privilege of voting...

 Chinatown in DC....
Enjoying my granddaughter...
 And she grabs the camera to take my picture... and its my best - most relaxed smile when she's around..
....Dare I leave Bquiltin without a bit of fabric.....  ????

 Evening sunset view of the Washington Monument... remember the best things in life are free......
 My first glimpse after a long walk.... of the MLK Monument... my man!
 Three stone.....
 A somber, moment....
 The beauty of a knotted, snarled old tree.... with the Lincoln Monument across the Basin River...
 Symbolic... To me men as trees..... twisted but fully alive and surviving......
Dr. MLK in fabric........

Monday, March 5, 2012

Singer Model 99 Portable Sewing Machine Singer Model 99 Portable Sewing Machine

This little Singer Model 99- is a 3/4-size sewing machine. We purchased it at an antique store in New York during November 2007.
The paint and decals on this machine are in exceptional quality showing little sign of wear. We have a Model 99 which is a handcrank version which is much different from this one. Most notable differences are in the handwheel and decals. Decal detail can be seen on the banner at the top of this page.
Because of their small size and lighter weight, the 99s are great for taking your quilting projects onto the road with you. It will do anything a Featherweight will do and at a fraction of the cost. However, we hasten to point out that our stitches at this time are less than perfect, but think we can improve the stitch quality after the bobbin case is replaced and both thread tensions are properly adjusted. Our stitches show a very slight zzz thing happening. The upper thread tension system appears somewhat primitive when compared to other machines but this tensioning method has been around longer than this writer.
Our Model 99- makes a lockstitch sewing forward and in reverse. it only does a straight stitch (no zig-zag).
We.. Jim and Elizabeth's Brown have sewed a little on this one and soon learned that it is nice to be able to feed fabric into the machine using both hands

Singer 500A Slant-O-Matic i

The Singer 500A Slant-O-Matic is sometimes referred to as the "Rocketeer" due to its space-age styling. After the Singer Featherweight, this machine seems to have the greatest following according to a Singer dealer we were talking with.
The wavy pattern on the red and black quilt fabric banner above was sewn using this Singer 500.

The needle is slanted bringing it closer to the user for better visibility. There were arguments that the slant provides better penetration, but we wonder about that since it seems farther through fabric at an angle than straight through it. We have seen one sew through eight layers of denim and some claim they can be used to sew canvas, etc.

When it comes to a vintage all-metal machine that is the most versatile using built-in capability, this is our best one. By varying the two controls on the top-center of the machine, a wide variety of stitch patterns emerge. Also, cams or special disks can be purchased which increases the number and variety of stitch patterns.
Some folks claim this is the last of the good metal machines. After making these machines, the industry began using space-age plastics for some parts, however, the change effects the way the machine sounds and feels. There is no question that the newer machines have more capability such as drawing graphics, stopping the needle at the desired point, ease of making buttonholes, etc. Still, for those of us who like all things mechanical, we prefer heavy metal.
The 500A Slant-O-Matic feature moves the needle over 1-inch closer to the operator. The average bed is 7 inches wide and the needles are usually centered. On the Slant-O-Matic, the needle is less than 2-1/2 inches from the edge of the bed. This is a significant difference for some of us old people with failing vision.

Singer Treadle   linking to another good blogspot

LETTER:                                            AF   
Register Number:                              91806 - 126805
DATE ALLOTTED                          November 21, 1938

The Singer Model 15-88 was the last machine they designed specifically for treadle use. It was supplied in a somewhat modern looking treadle with steel or occasionally wood sides, a bit smaller than the older ornate treadles. It was equipped with built in lever stitch length regulation and reverse, plus lowering feed dogs. The Class 15 action is a good strong one. This machine uses standard needles and standard low shank feet, and will accept all of the modern piecing , even feed and darning feet. If you can find one, you have virtually the best of all possible worlds from a treadle user's standpoint.
So, what are the disadvantages of a 15-88… basically only aesthetic… they are the typical plain black Singer, and the treadle is quite simple in appearance. They were marketed from the early 1930's into the 1950's.

The Model 15 was made as a hand crank, treadle and an electric machine. An industrial version - the Model 16 was also made.

Model 15, introduced in the 1880's and continuing into production today. The Model 15 series features a removable round bobbin in a bobbin case mounted under the needle vertically… quite different from the shuttle bobbin machines. The oldest version commonly found is the 15-30. It has a lever stitch length control, but no reverse. This is a somewhat better built machine than the shuttle bobbin models… it was more expensive in it's day  (Dick Wightman)

Abt 1941 ~ Singer Treadle Sew - Soo Cute

It's closing in on Spring Fever... and that means garage sales and Estate sales.... So this was the TREASURE OF THE DAY!!!

Welcome to your new home.....    Saturday Estate Sale price was $45.00.... Sunday via 9:22am.... Half Price Sale was $22.50...........SOLD  !!!!

(abt)  1939 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine
Serial Number:    AF-152.106 to AF-397.655

Here's an internet picture of what I think is the same machine...

 Below.... Little pop-out drawer.....

I'm on my way out of town... but as soon as I get back I intend to spend several weeks spraying the inner parts of the machine with WD40  (need to rinse off.. really well so it won't turn gummy later on)  – then apply oil, wait, clean again, and re-apply.  (Blogger... Sue's World prior link....)  Hopefully my effort will be rewarded with smoothly running  . . moving parts! It;s not yet in pristine condition due to years of sitting in storage in garage.

.......there are simple ways of taking care of a machine . . . .
The best way to return the wood’s original and beautiful shiny feature is to rub some lemon oil. If you do this process for several weeks, you can regain the brand new condition of the machine.
  1. It is common for the metal parts of any old type of machine to rust or crack its paint. Most collectors are attracted to this kind of look, so no need to repaint or sand it down.
  2. The machinery or mechanism of the machine only needs some sewing machine oil and belt to get it back in good condition.

It's a beautiful morning....

I think I'll go outside for a while.... and just smile.....!!!!!

......this is a jpg I downloaded called.... World Quit from a fellow blogger a few months ago...

ENJOY the Day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making it to Thursday....

And A Friday payday....... btw.... I'm ironing and hand sewing folder flowers and Cathedral Windows.


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