Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Finishing Hexies A Must April 2017

Somehow.... I cannot....CANNOT quit .....cannot QUIT. . . the exchange process and the swapping of one-inch hexagon... with THE INCHY HEXAGON SWAP

Therefore.... I also must finish and catchup.    Something won't let me break the connection.... the commitment... and the simple joy of receiving fabric from Canada or Australia and/or all across the USA!!!

So here's my finish....I was all of six months lagging...  I did three and mailed.  Now I've finished the last three.

I also like to do a little extra.... I've been collecting pretty cards/envelope sets from estate and garage sales.   Our tech world today seldom takes the time to write a letter.... txt, txt, txt Iphone

I walk my backyard every day or so.... and the infamous garlic is growing and will bloom beautifully.

Within my own small way,
turning on a small light in a dark room ~ ~
April 2017     

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hexie Exchange..... Still at it!

the new leadership.... came up with the idea to allow US GALS... to go on vacation!  For me to take a break to catch up to the ladies I've missed.... I can't bring my self to say it.... YES... it is a six month backlog of SEPT, OCT NOV and DEC 2016.....  Jan and Feb ladies in waiting.

So.... on today I went to the post office and LALALA... three sets of hexies were mailed!

A few times... and a few weeks ago -- I stumbled (quite purposefully) onto a garage sale table that had a beautiful set of card/envelopes...  a set of twelve!   I know it was a dollar or less.   And this has really been my motivation to share a card/envelope with each lady (as she will be sending out hexies in this exchange group) !!

Now.,,, its back to my TV time to stitch a bit!

Even in the midst of everything else…. Have a wonderfully serene day – today!   


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