Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lovely Ann Lowe ~ My Black Star & Extraordinary Seamstress

Shall I label Ann Lowe as simple, petite, classy lady born in Alabama..... a skilled fabric artist/fashion designer who later lived in Tampa Florida.

Her eyes were on the prize of the Big City lights of New York!  Ann Lowe delighted in couture quality gowns that rivaled the best French designers.  Her works of art - her gowns reside in the Museum @ Fashion Institute of technology, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.... and I'd like to venture back to the Smithsonian National museum of African American History and Culture to the the famous Jackie Kennedy gown.

I googled around and round the sweet --- engaging picture of a black seamstress.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Quilt ~ It's A Stress burner!

 Hello friends and fellow quilters - sewists - crafters!    There is a little shop in OKC... and I snapped the lovely Thread Dome.  Resisted the urge to buy.   DIY... and I don't have a really large room!

A few more thoughts on why quiltin' is good for you... and me!  

In my sewing room last night.... I began a new clutter space..... or in reality... it is a creative space.  A bit of batting on the wall... and wa-la-la.... a design wall!  The bright colors used in quilt blocks can elevate our moods.... and still relax the mind... and push stress-filled  thoughts to the back-burner!

Then... take a few minutes to calculate, exact our cutting methods..... and we are in the flow.  A mild high... and a I'm ready for a good nights sleep.   I stand back and look at the finished flying geese block!  And to know that we are working on a tangible end... a finished-snuggly quilt to keep or give away.... is satisfaction supreme.

Below is a borrowed image..... my basic like for a traditional colorful quilt!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Quiltin is Meaningful Work ~ ~ It does a body good ! ! !

Just casually reading an article....   the statements and view were not brand new to me.... but somehow quite encouraging and refreshing.

Pronto - - - I'll run back to my sewing room tonight.... my haven of peace!

Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D. quoted the findings from the University of Glasgow that studied a local quilting group and found that "Quilting seemed to possess some distinct properties for enhancing well-being that would not be replicable through outdoor/physical activity."   Article Source:

Still browsing and Pinteresting.... yesterday.... this color scheme was outstanding to me.... my sense of color!  I always say.... wow this would look good in fabric/art quilt!

The article I was reading further stated that "When you're happy and doing something you love, your brain gets saturated with dopamine and serotonin, otherwise known as happy chemicals-especially when you're doing "meaningful work" using your hands. According to Kelly Lambert, PhD and a member of the neuroscience department at Randolph-Macon College, quilting complements these conditions perfectly.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Izzy and ~ The Bliss and Enchantment of a Rose !

I'm inspired... on another Tuesday Tea-drinkers Day...

 My local credit union.... had a dozen pink roses.... on a Saturday drop in...   I asked, and awed.. and Guy said they are for our customers!

I browsed the LINKY PARTY @ The Enchanted Rose today..... please click the link and drop by... Oh such fun!
 It was such a delicate, large pink rose that I literally sunk my whole face into it.  No Thorns.
 About the same time in life... I'm working on a scap quilt!
 I couldn't help but stop a few minutes and share with IZZY....  love this movie (especially boiling in the black pot @ the restaurant)
And finally.... Jesus does indeed love the litle children of the world!  A gift from my kids!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Timeless Thursday ~ a quiltin'

 Hello world of fellow quilters.....  Thought I might share some finished treasures from 2012-2013-2014...   my the years do fly.  Since my blog has been around since 2009-I think.... this might be a bit of reposting.

I think I'll let the quilted images speak for themselves for today.
This quilted treasure is in the book!

 This is in the making....... I feel like savoring... and saving it for someday....only when I say so!

 This is a daughters quilt project.... that I simply have to applique the berries only the log cabin blocks.
 Finished product... to be...

 Japanese folded flowers.....  a show-off quilt....YEP in bright green!
 Forever cathedral windows!   My love, pride and joy!
 Did I say anything about this lovely grandson!!!

They Told Us: Lymphoma 8-31-2009

They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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