Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glorious-ly Happy Fun days of quiltin...

 I browsed at  B-Sewin....on south OKC.... a simple to pattern

 I pulled out my 2-year old project of a Giraffe Quilt for my sister... dark border w/jungle-ly edging...
 I have a co-worker who asked for a Winnie-the-Pooh blanket.... It's about 40"x40"... the baby is growing so fast...Eric Brown Jr... born on March 14, 2012 !!!
 I had a fun challenge to do this bow-tie quilt from random scap sets of fabric..... it's folded kinda funny to make it dimensional.....  having just 10-12 blocks... I again put my simple touch border and backing on it.   

 Again, out of the back of the closet came my son's ARMY quilt....    asked for a meandering quilt design!
 NOW... for the good news.... all six of these quilts (3 large and 3 small) were delivered to long-arm quilter Bill Crye.... don't let me get in trouble calling names...
 Just yesterday.... I took the eleven mile drive to just outside Guthrie, OK to Sooner Quilts.  Happy, Happy... there is the COMPASS paper-pieced quilt I also pulled out of the closet to-do!
 Then.... from Black History Month 2011 -- I have a girlfriend waiting for this quilt!

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