Friday, October 28, 2011

High Flyin Dreams...... The Legend Remembered !

Alexander Eaglerock - Manufacturer was Alexander Aircraft Corp.
The wife and daughter of this extra-ordinary 1932 Mechanic/Pilot.... is my quilting friend Mrs. Hannah Allen and her daughter Thomisina !!!
Why is it..... only the Lord knows and has endowed me with a dream .... vision a wonderful quilt..... pieced and embroidered airplanes... as a tribute to my friend and her husbands accomplishments!

Mrs. Hannah Allen said this poster map (32" x 48 1/2") lays folded behind an organ in her home, it was displayed in a museum event and given to her.   It shows the fourteen or more flight stops by Banning and her husband Thomas Cox Allen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is a Quilt?

Roderick Kiracofe, historian of quilting, has noted that "quilts, like diaries, are an accumulation of bits and pieces of the maker's life, a repository of ideas, hopes and feelings." As with all things, a quilt is a reflection of society as a whole, as well as a reflection of its individual maker.

Oklahoma Black Museum & Performing Arts Center

Cultural Connection    (Vol 2, Issue 2)   Fall 2011
Editor and Museum Founder:  Ms. Rosetta Funches.......   snazzy lady and a good friend!  The Cultural Connection's featured artists are Frank Frazier and Janice Burdine Thacker.    Stop by the museum center located at 4701 N. Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK  (ph 405-213-8077)

My Quilted Art "Under the Harlem Moon" was pieced in 2011 for Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi's exhibit.  This quilted art resides in the permanent collection of the Women of Color - Ohio Museum.   (a better fact check will be posted shortly).  

The feature article for myself, Beverly Huggins Kirk is entitled "One Woman's Passion..... I'd Rather BQuiltin!)

Bquiltin Block Classes are being planned, along with a Quilt Art Exhibit for the OK Black Museum in 2012.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pins and Needles...... Sewing Susan

I love the feel of this small Sewing Box..... Minty green color... in great shape... there are two kittens tangling over a ball of yarn in the pearl-beaded centerfront....

Inside were, my,my..... Three sewing cards for Sewing Susan... and 4-6 other needle sets
ABOVE.....   Ebay and Etsy sell this Sewing Susan from $4.99 to $16.00!!   Needle Packet: "Sewing Susan" needle packet. One fold cardboard, pictures a young woman sewing while three others watch. Same pic on both sides. Circa. 1950. 5-7/8" x 3-1/2" Inside contains six separate groupings on bright foil background. Includes a needle threader, sewing needles, hand sewing needles and darners. 

The paper is funny... the needles are slipping right out place.... and something I haven't seen in ages... Attached was a true - steel -- razor blade..... that I kinda remember my mother using to rip seams???

I also found another little box... SUCRETS..... inside loaded with safety pins, buttons and needles!!!   This famous trademark....packaging first appeared on the market in 1931. Since then, more than 450 million tins have been sold.
Throughout the decades, the tin has gone through many physical transformations. Collectors and historians can chronicle the passing of time by the change in color of the tin itself or by the different look, size and color of the lettering on the package.

This is my wall hanging.... a little more 8-9 inches.... My Thimble House... with my Mammy on the run!!! and a peek of the Cathedral windows quilt in the corner frame!!
 In my bedroom..... I've collected cologne and pincushions... this is Chinese !!
And these are my home=made quickie pincushions

Pin Cushion Show-off Time!

 This little pink - gold haired girl....stands about 9 inches tall... has a beaded, detachable collar... and you can barely see the pincushion bow on her rear-side......
 As I said.... for me to buy something at an Estate Sale...... it's gonna be $2.00 or so.    I picked up this girl, no price tag... and as I carried her to the checkout... some lady was asking "How old.... what date was the doll in the sewing room???... she wanted to buy it...   So I politely said" I have it!!"   Oh..... oh well.

This is probably a 1960 creation....Lil Dollly has a thimble in her dress pocket....There is netting under her dress....... what we used to call "can-can" under the dress to make it stand out full!   and the Full base of her dress has rick-rack and is filled with over 12-14 wooden spools of thread!!!
 SO............TAKE A PEEK UNDENEATH....
There's a button jar!  She's really just 4-5 inches tall... Her feet are stuck inside the screw-off jar....              Tah-dahhh!!!
Quite an election -year find...... yep... I threw in some politics... I can't apologize!!!   And the beat goes on!

What's A Really Good Reason to Own A Blog???

It becomes the perfect place to show off my pincushion collection!
 First and Above..... is the best ever old standby.... just stick it somewhere...quick!!!!!!!!

Then +++++++++++  here's a fancy Victorian Style Boot/Shoe!  My garage Sale Jewel!  Midsummer July 2011 Estate Sale discovery for about a Dollar!
And if I said GARAGE SALE   >>>>>'s my delightful addiction !!
 This weekend.... Beautiful October 2011 weather.....I bought a table... just the right height and size of my cutting matt.... so I'll rearrange and organize my sewing room again....

I intend to showcase my collectible dolls, thimbles.... pin cushions.... and Sewing Boxes.... REMEMBER THERE WAS SUCH A THING THAT YOUR GRANDMA HAD!!!!   .... my quilt books and such!  The round base measures about 8 inches... real sturdy and clean..... a lot of Coats and Clark...wooden spools....   The box opens for storage...
For Five Dollars... the guy encouraged me to take an ugly, old, smelly tin can that had needles, thread and wooden bobbins in it!   I sorted through it and tossed the junk...   
There was also a Plastic... say 5 x 7" plastic Sewing Box... with about three cards of really unique needles, millners.... and then this Pincushion Caddy!!!    He asked $5.00 for the bundle!
And over the last few months... at various antiques shops.... I've run across the pincushions shown below !!

 The velvety cushions sitting on the desk in brown, green and gold.....are a little rough and worn out.... the pins even seem old....  The picture below is the bottom pretty green....

Next to it is a really faded TOMATO.... strung together pincushion!
 Glancing again... I LOVE DOLLIES..... and there are two pretty lace hats... I purchased this year also .... and my garage sale prices always bundle up... and average about a dollar a pincushion  !!! too cute to resist!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hands on.... One Flower Wednesday

Oh what fun... it is to ride... a one horse sleigh tonight....

Yep... I'm really ready for some Christmas songs..... While the fun for now is quilting...
THE ABOVE PICTURE.....turn over the hexies, align the edges... and stitch'em together!

It's getting bigger and bigger.... on the floor....
and finally.... there are BORDER EDGES that I'm rough-drafting from just a picture!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing, The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Monday, October 3, 2011

Is it a Spider or a Naked Lady ???

A Naked Lady..............a flower whose leaves arrive first, die back and then, long after the leaves are gone, leafless stalks emerge from the ground with clusters of beautiful flowers on top. This type of growth habit is called "hysteranthy."
The Naked Lady requires full sun to partial or bright shade with a well-drained soil. After foliage appears in early spring, it's important to allow the plant to die back naturally without pruning... the bulb builds energy from the interaction of sun on the leaves. 

Once the plant is in flower, stalks should be removed as soon as flowers begin to look tired, because flowers that go to seed prevent the bulb from blooming the following year.

Though Naked Ladies can be propagated from seed, they may require more than three years to mature and flower. It's far easier to propagate A. belladonna by division of bulbs after flowering; the bulbs and offsets can be planted immediately with their necks at soil level.

Red spider lilies, in the Latin Lycoris radiata, are bulb-producing perennial plants native to eastern and southern Asia. They are an important cultural icon in Japan, often grown near cemeteries and used in funeral processions there. Red spider lilies were brought to the United States soon after the Civil War and rapidly spread westward by southern gardeners. 

Spider Lilies are not fussy about whether thy are placed in the sun or shade, so use them freely anywhere your garden could do with a flourish of late-summer color.

 They require full sun to light shade and are rapid growers taking only about four days from the time they break ground to bloom; the blooms will last up to six days. They are an excellent perennializer but are sometimes slow to get started. In the colder zones of its range, some mulching and winter protection is suggested. They should be grown in groups of four or more at the back of the border or among leafy perennials. Spider Lilies do well in containers. A 30cm tub is large enough for five bulbs and small enough to be portable. Move it to a prominent place when blooming begins, so that you can better appreciate its form and color. 

Many times, these bulbs will not produce flowers the first year; be patient. Within two years you should have a nice showing.

Red Spider Lily Cultivation Hints
The red spider lily is one of the few bulbs that like water during their dormancy period. In fact, not providing water then can result in their failure to bloom. The blooms are long lasting as cut flowers. When in leaf, they prefer partial shade and well-drained garden soil. They are fast-growing and quickly form large bulb clumps that can be separated and planted, or shared with your envious neighbors! 

Read more: How to Plant a Naked Lady |

Step 1

Choose an area in the fall that is in full sun and is not a low spot in the landscape. The soil needs to be well-draining. If amendments will not be enough to keep the water draining well, plan on raising the planting area a few inches.

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