Thursday, May 11, 2023

Thursday Triumphant

 Hell dear world of quilters

Ready and finishing borders on my friends DRESSED TO THE NINES   A very traditional-vintage feel!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Pieced, Batting, Backing—-REPEAT

Bits n’ Pieces of the 

Quilt  piecing process is my favorite part of making a quilt. Of course, I love the look of my finished quilt once I have gone through with all of the other steps, but quilt piecing techniques are my favorite!

What is a pieced block?

Piecing is done on the top layer of the quilt. It is assembling and stitching all of the smaller pieces of the fabric together to form a block, which will be joined with other blocks to form the top layer of the quilt.


The Quilt backing is the backside fabrics layer of a quilt sandwich. They can be made from large cuts of coordinating fabric (such as 44″-wide quilting cotton ) that are stitched together to fit your quilt, or they can be cut down from 90″ or 108″ cuts of quilting cotton that are specially designed for backing large projects. They can be simple and solid, or you can add strips and blocks.  For me-it’s a coordinated scrappy but classy look!


Batting type #1: Cotton – Cotton batting has long been a personal favorite of mine. Quilts made with cotton batting are warm, soft, and have a crinkly look after washing that is reminiscent of antique quilts—and that’s exactly why I love it!

Monday, May 1, 2023

Dressed to The Nines 🥰

 This beautiful DRESSED TO THE NINES !! Completed just in time for Show n Tell at our monthly ScisyYales Quilt Guild Meeting!

They Told Us: Lymphoma 8-31-2009

They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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