Sunday, July 21, 2024

A Quilt Friend= A Treasure

 Her smile.  Her enthusiasm. She promotes others—-good will!  A Quilter!

My friend 

Miss Ed!!

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Quiltin and Our Moods

Today… a nine o’clock class in El Reno, OK called Faces!  We-STQG girls did the road trip!  

Faces—-our Mood Shines Brightly

After today’s quiltin adventure…..our faces are smiling thru the upcoming eeek!!!   Son I’m going to share my readings about the many subtle ways in which handwork like quilting might help with mood. 

We gathered our scissors, fabric and glue sticks feel the need to gather fabric and create a merry face… a depiction of who we are!  💖…. It’s a new-never-before selection of our favorite fabrics.  This is a self-directed activity that involve planning and an immediate visual reward, something that reduces anxiety and allowed our brain, heart and soul to relax into a sense of well-being. With each strip sewn or appliquéd—within a few hours we could track our progress and feel even better as we move toward completion of the image that evolved!   Wow— our smiles are huge!!!

Great teacher and friends!  Stay well my quilt ladies  (men too)

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Quilt Artists -NEWQ 2024

My new developing discovery…???   !!!!   I really enjoy teaching quilters.  The questions they ask, the fabric they select, the quilts they make - the creativity just astounds me sometimes.

  I believe each one of these uniquely different women should be considered artists.

Just a few pics of my Facebook group—-NEWQ (NorthEast Wellness Quilters)

We gather 4-5 hours to cut, stitch, and we’ve made beautiful quilts!!!   New techniques, new machines, new BOM fun—and food snacks!!!

There’s even an exhibit on the horizon for NEWQ 

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Quilter Carolyn MAZLOOMI


September 3022

My inspiration-mentor.  Truest role model/curator, historian and author.   A Quilter

Please listen.  Dr Carolyn MAZLOOMI


This glorious HST triangle quilt began with UCO professor and staff/students who were zero, first-time and real quilters!  They supplied 10” pre-cut African print fabric(good quality) squares which were marked X:  sewn around outer edges to yield 4 HST squares.  Pretty cool… back in February 2024!  

My peace-time of hand stitching the binding is almost done….   A label and maybe a hanging sleeve

Delays and changed that I’ll explain good old USA reversal oof racism approach (legislation no less)

But the Lord would have be smile… and I’ll share with two good sisters who will pick up finished quilt tomorrow 

What a good thing!   Why I Quilt.  Yes in-deed-ie!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2024

I Quilt - Every Day!

Fellow Reader of my blog.  Share my heart today!

YES!  I quilt every day!  Be it in my thought process or in the up/down humming of my machine!  

I quilt every day.   

A Cuppa Coffee is brewing…I turn left to my sewing haven.  I quilt two-four hours and more… machine or by hand!   All day with diabetes breaks —Quiltin is my reward for finishing cleanup chores!  Barefoot stepping into my sewing room brings me an immediate sense of peace even though pieces of scrappy fabric, patterns and books abound!  It’s much like my ritual soak in a hot tub with scented candle lights…., then slipping between the sheets of my freshly made bed.

I am referencing a March 2024 (New Yorker) writing that I believe quiltin .. like exercise or cooking… is a vital activity for me —-it’s an activity that makes use of my hands, provides an achievable sense of mastery and control, and results in a beautiful-huggable textile reward.  

I’m feeling GLORIOUS!

 Can’t help it!!!  QuiltFolk publication is heralding me/Oklahoma quilter!

Two Day Finish * Quiltin the Quilt

 I’m pretty satisfied.  Just ankles and feet a bit tired.  Good arm stretching/strength to waggle this… 90 x 102 inch quilt.   Again I am pleased!  And thank I purchased my now … almost out of showroom BABY LOCK CORONET QUILTING SYSTEM… just a six footer… but my thread and tension and stitch regulator has hummed along to a good finish line!

I promise my Baby Lock a good cleaning-thread clots to clean out and a new needle .  Deservedly SO!

Friday, July 5, 2024

Pretty Little Doodles

 Doop-te-do. Loop-t-loop.   Long-Arm Day One/Row 1

Holding steady back and forth on circles.  In the past I’ve had the bottom threads feel raised up (rather than smooth to the bedcover touch.  And I’ve seen a drag of the bottom circles-really lookin homemade.  Geesch.   

So, using a new class 15 universal polyester thread….  Then I hold my hand-spread on the “R” stitch regulator real-real-real steady in the size and back and forth in the circle movements 

I don’t mind being tedious….fairly swift!   I’d have to take some lessons along side some other Oklahoma Cit Baby Lick stitchers….  To master the difference of MANUAL AND STITCH REGULATOR

BUT for now, I’m grateful for all things

Baby Lock Long Arm Time


Long Arm Preparation HST

 STEP 2.   Leaving 6-8 inches beyond African HST quilt in preparation of Baby Lock longarm!  July 5th noon starting! 

The Beautiful Back of my Quilt

 STEP 1.   African Elegance HST quilt for my new-dearest University Professor during February 2024!       Ohhhh. It’s a marbled black 108” backing!

Soothing Zippy Pouch Swap

 I’m gonna rush to post office tomorrow!!!!

Really pretty.  I had to read the writing, the pictures and then improvise with pull tabs.   The lining was special.   Plus I quilted the bag.  Say 12” x 4” in a gathered boxy SHAPE!!!!  OH THE RUFFLES 

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Bass Reeves QuiltStark Museum

Time is running out! ⏳ There is only ONE month remaining at the Stark Museum (TX) to explore the special exhibition, "Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West." Don't miss this opportunity to view 50 one-of-a-kind art quilts created by African American women artists. 🪡  

So pleased Dr C Mazloomi curated/selected my BASS REEVES (and Jenny) to be viewed since 2022 across USA !  Prayers n thanks!  

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

QuiltFolk Issue 31

Hi STQG good friends

May I share my good news with you????  I am one of the many special persons featured in the Fall Issue 31 of QUILTFOLK!  

 I’m sharing my Coupon Code: BeverlyQF31

This coupon code, BeverlyQF31,  has been created to give you 20% off your purchase of the single Oklahoma Issue!  It is valid for three months: July 1st - Sept 30th

In recent years-QF has been highlighting a multicultural cross section of men and women in fiber art adventurous!   Wow-did I ever feel the spirit of inclusion and real friendship!

Link to Issue 31: Oklahoma Info/Purchase page: copy and paste this link for your discount. !!!

Share, post, tag, hashtag, subscribe and join!

Quiltfolk is a community-supported, print-only, quarterly magazine focused on quilt history and quilt culture in America. QuiltFolk visits a new state in order to celebrate the people and stories behind the stitches.

 I’ve subscribed and I’ve been enriched with comfort for my soul!

QuiltFolk is 100% advertisement free and celebrates the stories of quilters, shop owners, historians and crafters.  The photography is striking as you travel the quilt universe from the comfort of your own home.

Beverly Huggins Kirk

Bquiltin Studio

“Love is my ministry. Quiltin is my joy!”

Your Coupon Code: BeverlyQF31

Link to Issue 31: Oklahoma Info/Purchase page: copy and paste this link for your discount. !!!

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They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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