Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sew-D-Lite..... Favorite Things!!

A good food tip.....

 Fresh roses and Peonies from my yard garden....    and then the neatest garage find.....
 Sew -D- Lite Supreme Sewing Machine  is working!!!
How about this // ??? !!! ...  (YEP it was just $.50 ) and the owner ran inside to get the plug-in and bobbins and guarantee from JAMAC Inc who listed a price of $9.99!!!  

Ya know....  I been working this 8-5pm.... yearning to retire to full-time second career and expanding business quilting and other adventures !!!

I think I'll close my office door during lunch... so as not to get fired.... hmnnnn.....I can zip along a few extra stitches by hand and machine... IN THE MEAN ~TIME!!!

This is a fun tag game....

1. If I'm not quilting, what am I most likely doing?
2. Do I buy fabric with a specific project in mind or "just because"?

3. How many quilting projects do I have going at once?

4. How many completed quilts do I own?

5. How do I use my quilts, or are they stored away somewhere? 

6. What is my favorite meal?

7. What is my current favorite color combination?

8. Where do I get your ideas and/or inspiration?

I'll answer this is another post tommorrow.....????    But I met a really nice quiltin granny (click and visit her site) and I'll pass the TAG Questions listed below on to her.... or any of my other Wednesday Flower Hexie friends....

Here goes.....
 1.  Do you buy quilt patterns or just wing it...

2.  If you won a million dollars, what would you buy?

3.  What is your favorite quilting notion?

4.  What quilting notion are you thinking of buying next?

5.  How many sewing/embroidery/quilting machines do you own?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill 
of creative effort. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Takes 2 ++++ and a lot of Creative Effort

I often redo- and rearrange my serwing room.   It was a bit of nostalgia.... but my feeling were almost hurt when they noticed this Ancient of Days... rattan chair (they took school day pictures in them back in the 80's).   They said.... you bought that junk into your sewing room!  I was embarrassed over my $10 chair.... but NOW I'm brave --- I like it.... and that's all that matters...

Oh well, I added a new cushion.... I can sit comfortably and hand sew.   And, often my brother or the kids themselves (grandkids) can come in and sit and talk and watch TV.   I thought.. and still think it's kinda cool.....    

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

A sibling quilt poem by Lily!
If you’re feeling lonelyAnd you don’t know what to do,Wrap this quilt around you,And love will come shining through.

You may not always be together,But forever in your heartsIs a love so strong, unbreakable,It cannot come apart.

And every stitch is sewn with love,With colours to brighten your day,The pattern chosen carefully,To remind you of your stay.

So take your quilt and treasure it,Let it be your joy and pride,Remember all the special timesWith your sibling by your side.
This is the first time I've put together this this setting..... into a secondary 4-Patch White pattern show up on my Cathedral Windows.... makes me wonder how I might begin to border the quilt with it...... the place the filled up color section in the middle.  I did see it somewhere on the web...and I was bum-fuzzeled as to how they spaced out the setting.  But now that my pace is to sew 16 four patch sections... then to join them... and I roughly laid them out!

Or the reverse would be prettier???  Would I want to put SQUARE-diagonally set BIG buttons in the 4-Patch White???
Are you peeking really close.... if so you'll see my little Tinker-bell Girl is upside down....!!

Another good quilt book

A $1.00 garage sale book....
Also...Above... I was sufficiently motivated last night.... to stitch this Cathedral Window Pincushion!

I still struggle with color selection... so I chose for the contrast of good old black and whites!!


Ruching  (pronounced  ROOSHING -- 'roo' rhymes with 'who') is a French word which means to plait. It is a very ancient sewing technique. Cindy has dated it to as far back as the Middle Ages.
A strip of fabric or ribbon is gathered in a repeat pattern and as the gathering thread is drawn up the strip forms scallops or petals.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Collectible treasures....

 Opened... as a little four leaf clover.... the scizzors are rusted closed...but its just a cutey pie!
The four leaf  clover folds shut... just right!
...and.......I love these little thread packs... just to get the thread puller...
Gotta have 'em.... and an estate or garage sale is perfectly priced!   

Preparing my hands to sew.....

I've really got a speed-demoniac working on this slooooow... Cathedral Window.   I'm using my workplace time (door closed for 20-25 minutes) to do a little hand sewing.  I can usually finish four-window panes within an hour.

My Left hand has a third-finger plastic sticky thimble... and the thumb and third finger of my right hand is all set to go!!! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Did somebody call and say....

Could I come by and pick up lots of donated !!! ~!~~

Monday, April 9, 2012

This generously sized tote has a decidedly contemporary look. It is fully lined and has two inside pockets. The pattern includes instructions for adding an optional zipper closing.
The sharp points are easily achieved using foundation piecing techniques, and detailed construction information steps you through the entire construction process.

Pattern Details

Skill Level: Beginner
Finished Size: 15" x 16.5"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is the way we row, we row...... MC HAMMER style!

It takes four -- 4-Patches
to make a 24-window pane for ### 1 cathedral window

All neat, bagged for hand sewing to go...   This picture (above) shows Ziplock = FOUR 24-window pane units that are bagged and ready to sew
Then this is a single FOUR - joined window pane unit.  (This... I refuse to count)    Still calculating... it take THREE of these joined to spread across the foot of my bed.....   Thus... ROW ONE...
I have a silly, non-number way of calculating.... I am an accountant, and statistical analysis person by profession..... ANY WONDER I refuse to let an serious calculations ENTER INTO MY QUILTING FOR PURE PLEASURE >>>> world!!!

They Told Us: Lymphoma 8-31-2009

They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

Zippers How-to