Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Finished Quilt !!

A simple four-patch, turned on-point, set with white squares....
 I used scrap fabric and the blocks were about 2inches.... finished off at @ 6"
 It's just a coverlet... not what I called a full sized bed quilt.  It was quilted last year by Bill Crye..... I tucked in away in my closet.... and just used my day off today to add a multicolored binding.... A meditative, prayerful, fulfilling Sunday at my best!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blooming Where we're planted.... 1-Flower Wed

I'm loving the Mid-Week Motivation of Inchy Hexagon Swapping 2011-2012.......

It's Time.....

To give and receive such pretty Hexie niece visited Australia and sent me a gorgeous coaster set....(quilt images...yippee)
These are my blue and yellow hexies from Denmark Girlfriend.... Thanks a bunch!
Next up (pictures below) is mailing to hexie friends in Australia and in good ole-Texas, USA!  Take a peek at Karen's JOURNEY OF A QUILTER site for One Flower Wednesdays...  She's great! (click my sidebar)

Well now.... aint' I something??
And another good thought for today.... as I pray for my young adult daughters and my son.....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Who forgot to teach me about thimbles ???

I visited Elsie Campbells blogspot who kindly said....WE.... need to know the difference between a sewing thimble... and a quilting thimble.   A Quilting Thimble (to the left)  will have a deep depression that allows you to control the needle while using the 'rocking motion involved in making close, even quilting stitches.   Thus... the sewing thimble (to the right) is smooth on top.    
......Next, there is a difference between a sewing needle and a quilting needle.  A preferred brand is the John James Goldn' Glide Size 11 -- Bit Eye Quilting Needle.   That's a mouthful.  A Quilting needle is technically called a "between" whereas a sewing needle is called a "Sharp".   
The difference between the Between and the Sharp is 1/4" in length with the quilting needle between the shorter!!! The shorter Between Quilting needle makes for better control during the rocking  motion used in the quilting process. 
Another useful product for hand quilting is Needle-Grip-its.   Elsie uses the product on her thumb and forefinger to allow for easier gripping of tiny needles, and on her underneath fingers to protect them from niddle pricks!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Template for Fussy Cut Hexies

I'm Luvin' #1 Flower Wednesdays!

 On today...these have been sent to my Australia Girlfriends.....(my bucket list of dreams is to travel Aussie!)   They were my Inchy Hexagon Swap Partners!     Three friends checked off my 2011 list... 3 more to go this week!   I decided to include a quick letter and pretty postcard.  I explained that I prefer the open edge, hand stitched with right sides together method (NO PAPER INSERT) in making hexies.  They get one of each kind.... the traditional EPP hexagon for my friends is fussy cut... makes it much more interesting to me!!

Spinning and Felting Fibers

Jubilee Farm ~ Spinning Flax to Linen

Oh, Oh.... it is correctly spelled  JOYBILEE FARM.... A joyful communion of ethical husbandry and fiber artistry–Walk through natural dye gardens where our distinctive colours grow.  Meet the contented angora goats, coloured sheep, llamas and angora rabbits, which provide the medium for our art.  See artisans at work creating bio-regional clothing in distinctive colours from our local fibre shed.  Read about us on our blog or visit us at the farm for an uncommon eco-tourism, agritourism adventure

Linen Process....   I am really surprised but pleased to see her bio.... I really have never met anybody.....  am a passionate nonconformist, called to live a creative, self-sufficient, and sustainable life. An artisan shepherd, living in the mountains in BC's interior, I write about thriving self-sufficiency, bio-regional clothing, local food and gardening, sustainable homesteading, and joyful, frugal, debt-free living. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and an artisan.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pineapple Pincushions

Fons & Porter has instructions and a video on foundation piecing (Paper Piecing)....
 Yep... this is my other addiction.... the paper-pieces are smaller (about 4x4" finished size).....

 The Pink Heart is absolutely gorgeous.....  I intend to take the 8-11 names of my quilting girlfriends here in OKC.... and embroidery their names onto backside fabric.... so it will be their personalized gift!

Here is my show and tell!!!

Sew it's in the Bible ~ Fine Linen Fabric

Rahab was a harlot, a woman who many would destine to a place of low esteem (but not so with God!)   God saw fit to use her  - royally - in his grand plan of deliverance.  Rahab of Jericho protected two Israelite spies by leading them away -- up to the flat roof of her house.   Now..... days before the spies showed up.... what do you suppose Rahab was doing upon her roof.  The answer is that this simple woman had harvested and soaked flax stalks in water to soften them and then she carefully spread them out to dry.   She was planning to go back up to the roof to break the stalks into fibers, which she would separate and begin the process of spinning and weaving the fibers into linen.  

Wow!!   Just the word linen...fine linen clothing excites a seamstress / quilter! Linen cloth was naturally off-white in color.... or Rahab could chose a daring flair of color...maybe she would use the rind of pomegranates, or the bark of tress or other various herbs and roots for her base of color!  

Alas.... did I go a'sewing and leave the Bible story in Joshua 2:6 ??  Well, when the spies showed up in a "PICKLE".... she led them up to the roof top.... she told them to hide themselves under the apparently large layout out --- under the piles of flax.   And sure enough..... she aided and abetted...the lied and contrived a story of yonder which-a-way.   And the boys were safe.... she gave them some rope to slide down from the roof to a safe get-away!   

I might imagine that Rahab worked the flax into linen fabric... and she stitched and meditated a god while!

She heard of God's mighty ways.... she continued to spin her linen.... not knowing... but willing... her heart and will leaned to God's way!
Now.... this image.... I'd love to embroidery.... Take A Stitch Tuesday...hmnnnnn

flaks pesheth, also pishtah; linon (Mt 12:20)): The above Hebrew words are applied (1) to the plant: "The flax was in bloom" (the King James Version "bolled"; Ex 9:31); (2) the "stalks of flax," literally, "flax of the tree," put on the roof to dry (Josh 2:6); (3) to the fine fibers used for lighting: the King James Version "tow," "flax," the Revised Version (British and American). "A dimly burning wick will he not quench" (Isa 42:3); "They are quenched as a wick" (Isa 43:17). The thought is perhaps of a scarcely lighted wick just kindled with difficulty from a spark. (4) In Isa 19:9 mention is made of "combed flax," i.e. flax hackled ready for spinning (compare Hos 2:5,9; Prov 31:13). The reference in Jdg 15:14 is to flax twisted into cords. (5) In Jdg 16:9; Isa 1:31, mention is made of ne`oreth, "tow," literally, something "shaken off"--as the root implies--from flax. (6) The plural form pishtim is used in many passages for linen, or linen garments, e.g. Lev 13:47,48,52,59; Dt 22:11; Jer 13:1 ("linen girdle"); Ezek 44:17 f. Linen was in the earliest historic times a favorite material for clothes. The Jewish priestly garments were of pure linen. Egyptian mummies were swathed in linen. Several other Hebrew words were used for linen garments.

Flax is the product of Linum usitatissimum, a herbaceous plant which has been cultivated from the dawn of history. It is perennial and grows to a height of 2 to 3 ft.; it has blue flowers and very fibrous stalks.

 The tough fibers of the stalks, after the decay and removal of the softer woody and gummy material, make up the crude "flax." Linseed, linseed oil and oilcake are useful products of the same plant.

 E. W. G. Masterman 

Friday, January 13, 2012

"May all of your ups and downs in life be with a needle and thread."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

As I have Re-Organized My Life....

....and as I make up for some things that I've fallen behind (Quilting Promises)......   I am not hosting the OKC Community Quilt Guild in the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show that starts today (January 12-14, 2012.

I have trinkets, purse kits, a sister kit, patterns and impulsive spending STUFF from the last two years...  so I just will not do it again.   I am itching for the excitement of peeping into the booths and a chance to photography a good many quilts on exhibit.   (Hence, I did not include an African American themed quilt in the show either!)

To everything there is a time and a season......   and I am in good cahoots with God... as he directs my footsteps (financially) for 2012....   I'm closing in on 60 years of age... and I want to be specific in my quilting goals and life aspirations.

I created a document today.... not just another notebook.... but an organized listing of the quilt activities and dates listed on my blog sidebar.   I have healthy living agendas for this month.  TODAY IS MY DAY.... EveryDay is a good-godly-blessed day for me!

Just A Minute by Benjamin E. Mays

I have only just a minute, only 60 seconds in it,
Forced upon me, can't refuse it.
Didn't seek it, didn't choose it,
But it's up to me to use it.
I must suffer if I lose it,
Give account if I abuse it,
Just a tiny little minute,
But eternity is in it,.
What are you going to do with your minute?
Benjamin E. Mays, Former Morehouse President, 

Clean Up, Re-Organizing..... It's Happening!

This includes my sewing room, my office space M-F 8-5 pm....... Simplicity is the word!  I love the morning snow glistening on the ground!  

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Flower Wednesday ~ Hello Friends... !!!

I took a day off work (day after my birthday celebration!!)   I felt a little sicky and took an afternoon nap.   Sewing as a mentalist (That's a new tv show I've been watching lately).   Browsed a few sewing magazines, ironed a couple of cathedral window squares  ~ ~ there is a little Rooster in the corner!

and also the six-inch red and white quilt WIP.

Paper-piecing is a mindless wonder!    The above 9-Patch will be made of Folded Flowers.... Rebecca Wat was on Simply Quilts and adapted her origami techniques for fabric.  She made a  folded block called the "inside out flower".   There's a link on UTube of sorts and I'll do a quick tutorial one day soon!

And tah-dah....   here are today's GFG, Hexies....
Step one:  I used a on-inch Hexie template to cut fabric approx 1/4" larger.   I marked the wrong sides of all seven hexagons.

Step 2:  I placed right sides together, matching marked lines and sewed a straight stitch.  zippty do!

Keep adding right sides together and stitching....

  then the sixth petal is stitched sided to side..... joining the flowers....   They are then pressed flat and pretty.... all seams pretty much in one direction... and the

tah-dahh !!!  My beautiful baby! 

I make hexagons in a 1-6-12-and 18 fashion.... that is, I am making a large size quilt.  The 18th hexagon ring is white and joins other circling hexagons as shown in some of my earlier posts!

I've run late in trying to go the usual route of EPP (English Paper piecing) with the paper inside --- but it was just too cumberson and tiresome to have a stack of undone hexagons.  Cute... yes..... but it ain't me! (so said Major Payne)  This was my dilemna when trying to get hexies ready swap!  I don't mind receiving the standard EPP... but I couldn't get a move on that way.

I'm not sending out several months to several swap partners... just hoping they can turn the edges and add to their stack as needed!   Or who knows.... maybe they will be inspired to applique or try my way of making hexagons.   all in fun..... 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello One Flower Wednesday.... Friends

Yes... I;m still on to....GFG... hexie flower quilt.  The picture looks half-done.... but I never say never.

Both a large flower and the five flower purple hex will be mailed to a Aug 2011 to Kathryn -- my swap partner this week!!!  I do so very much.... long to be in a swap..... But I run so slow.   

But guess what...   my vision is blurring.   I have cataracts in both eyes..... just might be the time..pending dr appointment. 

They Told Us: Lymphoma 8-31-2009

They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

Zippers How-to