Monday, May 24, 2010

Stirred by the topic of the President's House

So, it's fair to ask.... "What's driving my passion now...????"

I met Michelle Flamer at the Wilberforce Ohio quilt exhibit in April-2010 and we exchanged e-mail info after she mentioned that she was curating a show highlighting the time period and the subject of "slaves in the President's House in PA."

There is a quilt on the floor of my sewing room......up know I'm ready to stay up all night.....

I've sat and simmered, reading and visualizing the lives of George & Martha, Ona, the chef and the fate of Blacks men and women in the early 1600-1700-1800's on American soil.

Check the Link in the heading to find out more....

The President's House in Philadelphia: according the George Washington's correspondence and maps: there were nine enslaved Africans who worked in George Washington's presidential household...brought from the Mt. Vernon plantation owned by Martha & Geroge.

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