Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Medallion Styled Quilt . . .

I'm in the mood for the center of my wall-hanging artsy quilt to be the focal point -- the message to the viewer!!!

I'm pulled towards a bold, bright triangular edging:But I can't go too far or all my quilts will bear too much similarity.

I made a portable design wall (abt 50x50") What and Why A Design Wall?

Here's a sophisticated, intelligent quote about the usefullnes of a design wall "... from the flow of colors to the combination effect to the symmetry of various patterns, a quilt design wall helps an artisan look into each and every aspect of a quilt making with detail."

I am not a visual person -- there's something deeper in which I draw a flow of colors and the lines and an outline of my quilted piece, be it full-bed-sized or smaller:: (more like my African American Ancestors who thought "evil runs in a straight line!")This is the inner Beverly who finds creativity only when I break the rules of standardization! This happens as I quilt as well as during the times that I watch a Caucasian-based-media-commentary... the other side of my unique cultural heritage goes into an automatic "let's deconstruct this idea.... there's more than meets the eye! I look as deeply into the Scriptures in order to lift up and grow deep spiritually!

Back to quiltin! :) I think of my Gee's Bend lady-friend who thoughtfully said "..God gives me this here idea... just lookin' at a wall, or newspaper, of out a window.... I sees a color or design and says to maself: Self - I'll make that 'nto a quilt!"

Several years ago, I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum exhibit of Gee's Bend, and purchased coasters, and a video cassette: YES! I'm old and ol'enuf -- and old fashioned! My sewing room is equipped with a 15" color/video combo television. So my extreme satisfaction is to sit and sew in this quaint environment! God Bless my dear old Mississippi Mama Dooley and Big-Mama Sipuel!

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