Monday, May 3, 2010

MAGICAL Mazloomi brings out the best in us!

She asked...... and I think I've delivered !
Just two weeks ago in Ohio, I saw the best of the best operating in her zone! Dr. Carole Mazloomi curated "JOURNEY OF HOPE: Quilts Inspired by Prez Barack Obama" via the Artists Quilt Reception ~ Wilberforce OH @ National Afro-American Museum!

After she sternly and graciously "worked me over" verbally and truthfully about keeping my word and being on time... and following the rules ~ she gave me a followup call regarding her next CALL FOR ENTRIES

into a juried exhibit titled "Beyond Category: Visions of Jazz in Fiber". Take note --all my fellow quiltin friends. . . . The show will be featured at the International Textile Biennial (San Jose, Costa Rica) and the University of Costa Rica (Limon) from September 7 to October 12, 2010!

Eligibility: each entry is by digital images only: up to three entries. Quilts must be created after 2008: minimum of 36" pr side thru a maximum of 60" per side.

KEY DATES: July 1, 2010 deadline for entry and July 15, 2010 notification of acceptance. Dr. Mazloomi contact information is: Carolyn Mazloomi email:

Remembering that talk-and tone in Dr. Mazloomi's voice (all to my betterment! is this areal word?) I have completed the block construction and applique onto my show-wall! Good measurements, good color combo.... I'm on!

During my first venture into creativity...I pieced the NY Beauty star in bold fabric thinking of the circular motion represented the soul of black musicians..... I browsed antique shops of black memorbillia months's ago ... and in the sheet music I found a great picture of W.C. Handy.... along with this lady--singing--the--blues---no--doubt! entitled Under-Neath the Harlem Moon. Knowing she would be the inspiration of my JAZZ vision as a centerpiece; I sewed along with music-themed fabric..... Had on-hand a good many orphan blocks...... on and on.... let's see what works!!

THEN ... to behold the fabric on hand in my stash.....five inch triangles matched with black....
Outstanding.... now we're talking black soul! Even as music is a universal language.... this is my hearbeat and interpretation.. right??

I even tried to keep my sewing room NEAT... refolding fabric as I go.....

OK..... ready for a peek.......... I now think of all the borrowed inspirations I've use, all of the copyright preventions I've seen listed....... NOW I take a step and wonder who will copy me?? !!

Here goes my sneak peek.......

Ready for decorative thread and zigzag to secure applique....and my soul lady! Women in black seem to be a recurring theme for me at this time in my life -- hmmmmmm.

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