Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reflections on Harriet’s Falling Stars!

I was inspired @ this visit to the Pioneer Women’s Museum in Ponca City, Oklahoma. There were powerful images of Mary Bethune as well as Clara Luper. It’s my hearts desire to further honor and commemorate these women in quilted statements and imagery!

Meandering thru my 2006,2007, and 2008 files and folder in My Documents… I’ve travelled and taken a good many pictures that I know I want to translate into quilt art….. The falling stars of Harriet Powers!

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  1. Bev,

    WOW - this photo of Mrs. Powers quilt with a quilter in the background is not one I've seen before. Can you share where it came from? I'd love to see a close up! And, love to add to my files on Harriet Powers.

    Thanks! Kyra
    author, "This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt and Other Pieces"


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