Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quilting out of our abundance......

As I was reading online: Mary Black's family quilt: Memory and Meaning in everyday life: by Laurel Horton; I was stunned and overtaken.... The blessings and joy of quilting today... truly is an expression of my abundance as an American Black citizen today.

I sit in my sewing room, and the shelving reaches the ceiling for three bookshelves holding fabric.  I've also been rearranging, feeling, touching, experience the depth of color in the fabrics and I move into a PHASE.... be it a first or last stage of creating a JAZZ Art Quilt due in June 2010!

I've been hoping to find a picture of Miss Mary Black... who is described as having Scots-Irish ancestors who emigrated to the South Carolina back-country in the 1770s.  The Snoddy-Black family thrived as members invested in land and slaves who made it productive and profitable (sounds like the owners of my own Great-grandmother Sinda (Lucinda)  (1845-1905), a cook on the Anderson Plantation in Chicot Cty, AR)

In the book, Horton made reference to scrap quilts being evidence of abundance --- documenting Mary Black's access to a wealth of different printed fabric! 

Another task I embarked on this morning was to rearrange into date order my computer jpg's.   And boy do I have photo's of quilts !

I created the tree of life quilt centered // surrounded by Underground railroad symbolic blocks back in 2006

I collected black mammy's - Jemimas'

And came across a book called Mammy's White Folks the other day in an antique shop....
Thee last two are postcards I purchased 3-5 years ago as inspiration for future quilt examples.

Herein I see my abundance.......

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They Told Us:  Lymphoma 8-31-2009

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