Monday, April 12, 2010

QUESTION & ANSWER Monday Musings !

As I finish up this nine-patch quilt. . . . . .
Does anyone else get this feeling of hesitancy when reaching about 3/4's completion point?  Wherein 88% of the nine-patch squares are done and ready for random color placement... and then ~ ~ ~ comes along this sense of completion?   This happens to me  ALMOST every time...  I can easily fold, put away, and start the other project that is on my mind!

Is this a universal phenomenon.... that we quilters may not have noticed within ourselves???

The half of nine-patch is on blue carpet space in living room.... I've closed in a multi-color purple, blue printed shades along the sides of the set-on-point 6 1/2" blocks!

As said... I know I'm almost thru with the second half of this quilt in my sewing room layout!
As we ladies quilted at the guild meeting on Saturday/OKC:  I've shared and considered what border I'll close it off with.  I can see about the finished size of this coverlet.  I haven't measures... but eighty // across // and down will do as a quilted gift to a friend!

Back to the satisfied feeling of completion... and almost the subsequent urge to "let sleeping dogs lie...."   and just hold precious to my quilting efforts.... kinda smug and happy!!

What's next.......My favorite - mindless... lovable Paper-piece blocks?  I found this jpg in one of many internet searches!!

Besides my JAZZ art  quilt!!!due out in June!

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