Monday, April 26, 2010

Q & A Monday ~ Artisan . . In-Born talent or Acquired Skills?

What do you think ? ? ? ?

It's a beautiful, 42-degree Monday here in OKC, OK!

My Nine-Patch Top is Completed and I stand back and wonder if there's really a chance that I'm good at color selection ??? Is there some in-born talent //// or does repetition do the trick. I have read and re-read hundreds of quilt magazines... so possible that which has been absorbed within -- now has an outlet! An acquired talent??? :)
I amaze myself! Again, I say.... I amaze myself..... ! I search around at my stash..... absolutely stunning @ what I find and match!

Often . . . . when I'm browsing the fabric stores..... I know a fabric will match years later!!!

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