Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A mirak for the Devilme-Alexis family

I heart is reaching out.....   and my hands will follow an inner call for this baby!

For Haitian parents Nadine Devilme and Junior Alexis, their reunion in Miami with their baby girl Jenny Alexis  — 83 days after a devastating earthquake separated them — is nothing short of a "mirak," or "miracle" in Creole.
On Monday, Devilme and Alexis left Port-au-Prince, where they lived in a makeshift tent, to be with their 5-month-old daughter, Jenny, who was rushed to the USA after she was found under rubble, barely breathing, five days following the Jan. 12 quake.
At a press conference in Miami on Monday, Alexis, 24, said through a translator that holding his only child "was true glory."
Jenny, in a white dress with pink and red flowers, slept through much of the press conference. Bruises and scars are reminders of her ordeal

Via the Oklahoma City Community Quilt Guild (OCCQG), I have e-mailed the Group Home in Miami, FL to gather information on what donations they will accept for the Alexis family.   I believe this may prove to be an extension of our Charitable Quilt donations for its' group

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