Friday, July 5, 2024

Pretty Little Doodles

 Doop-te-do. Loop-t-loop.   Long-Arm Day One/Row 1

Holding steady back and forth on circles.  In the past I’ve had the bottom threads feel raised up (rather than smooth to the bedcover touch.  And I’ve seen a drag of the bottom circles-really lookin homemade.  Geesch.   

So, using a new class 15 universal polyester thread….  Then I hold my hand-spread on the “R” stitch regulator real-real-real steady in the size and back and forth in the circle movements 

I don’t mind being tedious….fairly swift!   I’d have to take some lessons along side some other Oklahoma Cit Baby Lick stitchers….  To master the difference of MANUAL AND STITCH REGULATOR

BUT for now, I’m grateful for all things

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