Sunday, July 7, 2024

I Quilt - Every Day!

Fellow Reader of my blog.  Share my heart today!

YES!  I quilt every day!  Be it in my thought process or in the up/down humming of my machine!  

I quilt every day.   

A Cuppa Coffee is brewing…I turn left to my sewing haven.  I quilt two-four hours and more… machine or by hand!   All day with diabetes breaks —Quiltin is my reward for finishing cleanup chores!  Barefoot stepping into my sewing room brings me an immediate sense of peace even though pieces of scrappy fabric, patterns and books abound!  It’s much like my ritual soak in a hot tub with scented candle lights…., then slipping between the sheets of my freshly made bed.

I am referencing a March 2024 (New Yorker) writing that I believe quiltin .. like exercise or cooking… is a vital activity for me —-it’s an activity that makes use of my hands, provides an achievable sense of mastery and control, and results in a beautiful-huggable textile reward.  

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