Friday, April 19, 2024

Returning to my first LOVE!

Hello to my world of quilt friends!  I chose college major to become a business classroom teacher.  But instead of a practical practical nine month profession, I signed into a thirty-four years of a corporate, competitive and satisfying job which involved seminars and leadership training with a variety of people.   

When the quilting bug caught me twenty plus years ago; I learned anew what really satisfied by "innards" as my Big Mama might have said!  Thus I learned and grew and stretched far into innovative artwork in my quilt designs and narrative quilt styles.   Here's a TRUE LOVE Valentine's quilt that I gifted to an auction event last February.  

But hey—-I’m back to my first love! There's just something magical and precise and mind-relaxing about a perfect quarter inch stitch and seams that presses evenly and matches almost perfectly all through out a lap sized quilt!   And the mistakes and reversed blocks are hilarious to remind me of everyday life.   I bet it's like that for you to!  

I nick-name my friends.... these two ladybugs are first-time quilters showing off their X's and O'x (hugs and kisses) beginner quilt blocks.  

My most recent adventure as a retiree moved me BACK into teaching basic block construction to senior women at my community Wellness Center two days a week!   Wow to the excitement of looking over their shoulders with tips, tricks and how-to’s.

And my newest best friend invited me to teach a really broad range of college students, staff and faculty.  The Culture of the Quilt was a four-week workshop that included mostly first-time and never-before sewists.  The group chose African wax designed fabric and we reflected on messages that may have been hidden and translated into quilts by enslaved person in America.  Good conversations for all who left the sessions knowing how to rotary cut, ruler and mat measurements, stitch a quarter inch and what exactly can you do with half square triangles (HST's). 

I marvel at my first calling to teach business classes! This is so much more fun!   It's still the same striving to touch and encourage another persons life.  A craft, a hobby, a skill.  Quilting is much more that just that.  Lastly my Professor girlfriend wanted me to join her along with my own granddaughter to tap into their heritage and tap into the "innards"... the innermost part of their young minds and souls to talk, laugh and to quilt a block.  

We, as quilters and artisans, know how we can change and enliven and enlarge our world.  We know that just by dropping a pebble, or a button, or a needle tip into the pond of water we send forth ripples of cherished memories and inspiration to keep on quiltin!

Truly LuvYa


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