Saturday, April 27, 2024

Phenomenal Harriet Angeline Powers #1 - YR 2022

 I’m thrilled and enthralled —-submersed in the simplify of one woman’s life.   A life well lived!  1837 - 1910

I have a brick wall in locating my family’s generation … I dived as deep as possible into census and genealogical records as possible.  Here—-10-11 years 2024 might have new leads!

So I reimagine——I lay claim to the revealed life of women who walked and quilted creative tangibles!  Harriet Powers

This will be my second lecture on her life —- a it’s getting more grounded!  Lo and behold—I really lost-misplaced——CANNOT FIND THE QUILT !!!   

So I’ve stepped up in a new arena to the my Lady’s BIBLE QUILT


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