Saturday, April 6, 2024


 We are women!  I’m thankful to share my life as a patchwork quilt.  

A best guy-friend laid to rest today.  Now— a second sister girlfriend has cancer—words like terminal and aggressive.  On and on as life is known by God from its beginning to end!   Springtime is rebirth — but death is definite 

Earlier this week, my group of quilters immersed our thoughts at our grandmother’s girls in her quilt during our show n tell gathering 

Several said Dutch girls… but I say Sunbonnet Sue!  I found the pattern history as such   Her warmth, her hidden face (for me) is a universal spirit of standing- feel and hands forward thru the good times and the bad times

We are women!

A year ago, another quilt friend enthusiastically bought these —say 1960 appliquéd blocks.  Endearing-makes us smile

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