Friday, March 15, 2024

Why We Quilt!

 Good Friends who Quilt!

Good friends bring out the best in us!  They understand us, they cry with us, they shop with us!  No matter the age span: we are girlfriends who quilt together!  While threading the needle and sniping a loose thread: we share similar dreams and simple sorrows!  Our fabric squares are taught to be laid RST … that is:  right sides together!  Simply a way for US GIRLS to continuously seek and celebrate the best among ourselves as quilters!  

Consider the continuous soothing hum of a sewing machine.  Whether it’s a digital high tech model or a vintage 99K Singer electric model……  something creative begins to flow from  our body, mind and soul!  We can trust and relax and choose to move forward like a spring flower opening to the sun!

We quilt!  We love and survive!  If you as ask life long friends why they are friends …they seem to hold back a sensible explanation and say with a smile “we just are!”   If you ask a Scissor Tales Quilt Guild (STQG) member why they quilt ….  “We just do”.  Keep smiling!

2500 NE 63rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73111
**Phone: (405) 713-1125
  March 2024 Newsletter 
Submitted Bev Kirk

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