Monday, March 4, 2024

For the Culture — Quiltin by Bquiltin

 So the wonderful UCO class sessions ended 3-1-2024!!

Lots of HST’s everywhere on my DESIGN FLOOR!  The UCO class of 10-14 newbie quilters had a stack of 100—- yes 100 African ten-inch squares (and solid squares)

Math n statistics could net 400. HST Oh my!   They-male and femal—sewed -stitched and produced in mass across tables///assembly lines. Loved it!  Stacks into plastic bags!!!

So bquiltin (me) has to perfectly square up 7” HST!!!

Here’s my first layout… I am so ready to finish and RE  -  PRESENT THE FINISHED QUILT!!

Next up on blogging UCO 

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