Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Sneaky Peek and Praying!


I cut this out-it was printed on a strap bag soooo many years ago!  My St. Louis college niece (the nineties) left it in my mother’s home!  Too cute.  The look, the turned shoulder..  the naturalness and youth of her smile!  The real-girl skin tone - and the head wrap is sassy and hiding her hair!!!!

  I've been caressing and saving this girl…..  until my heart said YES tonite!!!!

The final quilt art-piece must be 12” x 24” (mine is vertical)   Ok no more talk   Due date is way out to September 2024….. but the call and collective title has been zooming in my mind!

Plus-I cried a good bit tonite:  and it’s 2:00am   LIFE LESSON CONTINUES…When I can’t change things:  the serenity from God’s Word says…   Not just to make-do//// but to soar—- to create   Mind body soul and spirituality!!  Give it to the Shepherd…Psalm 23.   So this I do!  I quilt!

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