Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Quilt ~ It's A Stress burner!

 Hello friends and fellow quilters - sewists - crafters!    There is a little shop in OKC... and I snapped the lovely Thread Dome.  Resisted the urge to buy.   DIY... and I don't have a really large room!

A few more thoughts on why quiltin' is good for you... and me!  

In my sewing room last night.... I began a new clutter space..... or in reality... it is a creative space.  A bit of batting on the wall... and wa-la-la.... a design wall!  The bright colors used in quilt blocks can elevate our moods.... and still relax the mind... and push stress-filled  thoughts to the back-burner!

Then... take a few minutes to calculate, exact our cutting methods..... and we are in the flow.  A mild high... and a I'm ready for a good nights sleep.   I stand back and look at the finished flying geese block!  And to know that we are working on a tangible end... a finished-snuggly quilt to keep or give away.... is satisfaction supreme.

Below is a borrowed image..... my basic like for a traditional colorful quilt!

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