Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Izzy and ~ The Bliss and Enchantment of a Rose !

I'm inspired... on another Tuesday Tea-drinkers Day...

 My local credit union.... had a dozen pink roses.... on a Saturday drop in...   I asked, and awed.. and Guy said they are for our customers!

I browsed the LINKY PARTY @ The Enchanted Rose today..... please click the link and drop by... Oh such fun!
 It was such a delicate, large pink rose that I literally sunk my whole face into it.  No Thorns.
 About the same time in life... I'm working on a scap quilt!
 I couldn't help but stop a few minutes and share with IZZY....  love this movie (especially boiling in the black pot @ the restaurant)
And finally.... Jesus does indeed love the litle children of the world!  A gift from my kids!

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