Thursday, February 5, 2015

Timeless Thursday ~ a quiltin'

 Hello world of fellow quilters.....  Thought I might share some finished treasures from 2012-2013-2014...   my the years do fly.  Since my blog has been around since 2009-I think.... this might be a bit of reposting.

I think I'll let the quilted images speak for themselves for today.
This quilted treasure is in the book!

 This is in the making....... I feel like savoring... and saving it for someday....only when I say so!

 This is a daughters quilt project.... that I simply have to applique the berries only the log cabin blocks.
 Finished product... to be...

 Japanese folded flowers.....  a show-off quilt....YEP in bright green!
 Forever cathedral windows!   My love, pride and joy!
 Did I say anything about this lovely grandson!!!

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