Thursday, April 17, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things !

My mother used to refer to me as a chickadee .. so the green tint, hand painted item was my match to the January Royal Albert cup and saucer!  And then I saw pretty hankercheif dollies for an accent item!
 My new blogger friend at Rose Chintz Cottage noted.... "Life should be savoured; sipped like a cup of tea.  (Author unknown).  Oh so true.... must I wait until January ~ my birthday month or not?  Not!!
So.... I make a wonderful sale on 19 pieces of Royal Albert China....  something I'd never heard of.  But the garage sale - sale price was $40.00!  (picture below)
Lady said "Yes, I was with my aunt the summer in England when she bought this set..."

The single pieces I'm buying, collecting are costing a bit of a penny in comparison to my great garage sale hit!
Now, for the dainty, peaceful tea sipping days.....  I have long been drawn to the huge, magnificent, muscular, survivalist instinct, the face and eyes, the body always leaning forward..... The Buffalo.   It's even the state animal for my state of Oklahoma!

I think I'll run back to the Antique shop for this!

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