Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday's Quilt Gig !

My father-in-law passed away almost two weeks ago (3-25-2014) after we put our heart,home, and hands into continual care of him as a leukemia patient.

So after the stormy whirlwind..... Hubby and I are home alone.  Time and loneliness on our hands.  A wise girlfriend even said its OK ...  to be relieved that Papa is gone!  My blog and sewing room has taken a silent whipping..... the kids even stacked junk in my sewing room, closed the door.... when company came over!!!   OK???   well, I guess so.

But... It's Monday!  and I've rejoined my "girls" at the YMCA.   The Afrono Quilt Guild is made up of retired women who quilt twice a week.... from about 10:00 am to 3:00pm on Monday's and Fridays!!

That means I take a lunch hour (and a half) to drive 6-8 minutes over to the center!

I pulled out a box of greens.....threw the box in the back seat....
Spent a little less than an hour... ironing and laying out in order to cut 7" squares.

I think I'll do a triangle quilt... the pattern calls for 6 7/8" squares, place with a light fabric RST and sew a diagonal line.   Cut apart and I'll end up with two triangles!

To here's the first stack of green fabric out of the box (and yes, I'm color-coded!)

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