Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grits Le Passion Quilt

Hexie swap girlfriend "Grits Life' blogspot featured this (go check her out!) ... so I started last August 2013... I'm continuing on.

During my lunch hour breaks.... spread out on the floor.  I'll have to rearrange/sew some blue hexies to offset the three green ones.  They are all set in which and surrounded again by blue.

My fabrics will vary in shades. WHY?  because I seldom buy all fabric matching and seldom cut out all pieces.   

As a black woman..... my inherent nature is take the the bits and pieces of my life (fabric)... just as I believe God sums up the bits and pieces of our scrappy lives.... in order to go along and look back and see a unique thing of beauty.

So... the patterns is seldom followed.... it becomes LE'Passionate Beverly!!!

I'm eyeballing the pattern... and making up my own method of joining the rows.

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