Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sew-D-Lite..... Favorite Things!!

A good food tip.....

 Fresh roses and Peonies from my yard garden....    and then the neatest garage find.....
 Sew -D- Lite Supreme Sewing Machine  is working!!!
How about this // ??? !!! ...  (YEP it was just $.50 ) and the owner ran inside to get the plug-in and bobbins and guarantee from JAMAC Inc who listed a price of $9.99!!!  

Ya know....  I been working this 8-5pm.... yearning to retire to full-time second career and expanding business quilting and other adventures !!!

I think I'll close my office door during lunch... so as not to get fired.... hmnnnn.....I can zip along a few extra stitches by hand and machine... IN THE MEAN ~TIME!!!


  1. What a great find. I'm going to have to schedule a garage sale day with you. You're finding way too many goodies. See you soon. Headed to Austin this weekend, must stop by Ginger's a little shop that combines quilting and cross-stitch, my too favorite loves. Kelly

  2. WOW, that has to be one of the best garage sale finds EVER!!! It would make a grand gift for a granddaughter interested in sewing/crafting! I bought my little GD a small one and she used it one week and it tore up! I took it to a repairman who said it was the metal bobbins. I told him that's what the machine came with and he warned me NOT to ever use a metal bobbin. So that is some info to stick in your hat. Have fun, *checking it out*. LOL!!!
    Gmama Jane

  3. How can a member of the Inchy Hexagon Swap get in touch with you. Messages to the e-mail address on this blog get returned and messages to the address you supplied to the Inchy Hexagon Swap go unanswered. So how do we contact you p;lease?


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