Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is the way we row, we row...... MC HAMMER style!

It takes four -- 4-Patches
to make a 24-window pane for ### 1 cathedral window

All neat, bagged for hand sewing to go...   This picture (above) shows Ziplock = FOUR 24-window pane units that are bagged and ready to sew
Then this is a single FOUR - joined window pane unit.  (This... I refuse to count)    Still calculating... it take THREE of these joined to spread across the foot of my bed.....   Thus... ROW ONE...
I have a silly, non-number way of calculating.... I am an accountant, and statistical analysis person by profession..... ANY WONDER I refuse to let an serious calculations ENTER INTO MY QUILTING FOR PURE PLEASURE >>>> world!!!

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