Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smile... Be happy.... my reflection of life!

 Just a Sunday at home with my family.....

Here's  my hosta... purchased it at Lowes... just a cute plant....  Officially it is a Patriot Hosta...medium sized Sport of Francee w/wider, more stunning, white margins on dark green leaves, a real show off as a specimen plant... (so the book says)!   In this regard, I planted it two years ago in the middle of the back yard to show off a bird/water stand... it didn't do so well with the sun and heat... and I think the hubby would slice the leaves off with his edger.. or maybe the neighbors cat messed over it.  So this year I wanted to save it, replant - restart in a medium sized pot, front yard shade and sun.   Just notice the two matching pots... One is ancient old, a little cracked and repainted several times as my daddy bought this urn (I have two of them) .... some old pictures may show the pot lived at the 4916 Wisconsin address/OKC.
 Next up, the tree my daddy planted... which is usually gorgeous this time of year... is looking a little lean......????
 But underneath the Harlem Moon,,,,,  uh tree -- is my planting... I expect the Sweet Potato Ivy will spill over to my duckies......  so cute!
Every Spring I want to turn this quilting blog into a planting blog....   Then it gets Summer time hot... So quilting sustains me time and energy!!!......................
I drove with my girlfriend to pick up a quilt from a new  LongArm quilter....   I have a family slight-looking feud.... that I think I'll spread a little love and pull a quilt-top out of the closet to have it quilted.... binding... and mail off as a unique marriage gift!!!

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  1. How can a member of the Inchy Hexagon Swap get in touch with you. Messages to the e-mail address on this blog get returned and messages to the address you supplied to the Inchy Hexagon Swap go unanswered. So how do we contact you please?


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