Monday, October 24, 2011

What's A Really Good Reason to Own A Blog???

It becomes the perfect place to show off my pincushion collection!
 First and Above..... is the best ever old standby.... just stick it somewhere...quick!!!!!!!!

Then +++++++++++  here's a fancy Victorian Style Boot/Shoe!  My garage Sale Jewel!  Midsummer July 2011 Estate Sale discovery for about a Dollar!
And if I said GARAGE SALE   >>>>>'s my delightful addiction !!
 This weekend.... Beautiful October 2011 weather.....I bought a table... just the right height and size of my cutting matt.... so I'll rearrange and organize my sewing room again....

I intend to showcase my collectible dolls, thimbles.... pin cushions.... and Sewing Boxes.... REMEMBER THERE WAS SUCH A THING THAT YOUR GRANDMA HAD!!!!   .... my quilt books and such!  The round base measures about 8 inches... real sturdy and clean..... a lot of Coats and Clark...wooden spools....   The box opens for storage...
For Five Dollars... the guy encouraged me to take an ugly, old, smelly tin can that had needles, thread and wooden bobbins in it!   I sorted through it and tossed the junk...   
There was also a Plastic... say 5 x 7" plastic Sewing Box... with about three cards of really unique needles, millners.... and then this Pincushion Caddy!!!    He asked $5.00 for the bundle!
And over the last few months... at various antiques shops.... I've run across the pincushions shown below !!

 The velvety cushions sitting on the desk in brown, green and gold.....are a little rough and worn out.... the pins even seem old....  The picture below is the bottom pretty green....

Next to it is a really faded TOMATO.... strung together pincushion!
 Glancing again... I LOVE DOLLIES..... and there are two pretty lace hats... I purchased this year also .... and my garage sale prices always bundle up... and average about a dollar a pincushion  !!! too cute to resist!

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