Monday, October 24, 2011

Pins and Needles...... Sewing Susan

I love the feel of this small Sewing Box..... Minty green color... in great shape... there are two kittens tangling over a ball of yarn in the pearl-beaded centerfront....

Inside were, my,my..... Three sewing cards for Sewing Susan... and 4-6 other needle sets
ABOVE.....   Ebay and Etsy sell this Sewing Susan from $4.99 to $16.00!!   Needle Packet: "Sewing Susan" needle packet. One fold cardboard, pictures a young woman sewing while three others watch. Same pic on both sides. Circa. 1950. 5-7/8" x 3-1/2" Inside contains six separate groupings on bright foil background. Includes a needle threader, sewing needles, hand sewing needles and darners. 

The paper is funny... the needles are slipping right out place.... and something I haven't seen in ages... Attached was a true - steel -- razor blade..... that I kinda remember my mother using to rip seams???

I also found another little box... SUCRETS..... inside loaded with safety pins, buttons and needles!!!   This famous trademark....packaging first appeared on the market in 1931. Since then, more than 450 million tins have been sold.
Throughout the decades, the tin has gone through many physical transformations. Collectors and historians can chronicle the passing of time by the change in color of the tin itself or by the different look, size and color of the lettering on the package.

This is my wall hanging.... a little more 8-9 inches.... My Thimble House... with my Mammy on the run!!! and a peek of the Cathedral windows quilt in the corner frame!!
 In my bedroom..... I've collected cologne and pincushions... this is Chinese !!
And these are my home=made quickie pincushions

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