Monday, October 3, 2011

Is it a Spider or a Naked Lady ???

A Naked Lady..............a flower whose leaves arrive first, die back and then, long after the leaves are gone, leafless stalks emerge from the ground with clusters of beautiful flowers on top. This type of growth habit is called "hysteranthy."
The Naked Lady requires full sun to partial or bright shade with a well-drained soil. After foliage appears in early spring, it's important to allow the plant to die back naturally without pruning... the bulb builds energy from the interaction of sun on the leaves. 

Once the plant is in flower, stalks should be removed as soon as flowers begin to look tired, because flowers that go to seed prevent the bulb from blooming the following year.

Though Naked Ladies can be propagated from seed, they may require more than three years to mature and flower. It's far easier to propagate A. belladonna by division of bulbs after flowering; the bulbs and offsets can be planted immediately with their necks at soil level.

Red spider lilies, in the Latin Lycoris radiata, are bulb-producing perennial plants native to eastern and southern Asia. They are an important cultural icon in Japan, often grown near cemeteries and used in funeral processions there. Red spider lilies were brought to the United States soon after the Civil War and rapidly spread westward by southern gardeners. 

Spider Lilies are not fussy about whether thy are placed in the sun or shade, so use them freely anywhere your garden could do with a flourish of late-summer color.

 They require full sun to light shade and are rapid growers taking only about four days from the time they break ground to bloom; the blooms will last up to six days. They are an excellent perennializer but are sometimes slow to get started. In the colder zones of its range, some mulching and winter protection is suggested. They should be grown in groups of four or more at the back of the border or among leafy perennials. Spider Lilies do well in containers. A 30cm tub is large enough for five bulbs and small enough to be portable. Move it to a prominent place when blooming begins, so that you can better appreciate its form and color. 

Many times, these bulbs will not produce flowers the first year; be patient. Within two years you should have a nice showing.

Red Spider Lily Cultivation Hints
The red spider lily is one of the few bulbs that like water during their dormancy period. In fact, not providing water then can result in their failure to bloom. The blooms are long lasting as cut flowers. When in leaf, they prefer partial shade and well-drained garden soil. They are fast-growing and quickly form large bulb clumps that can be separated and planted, or shared with your envious neighbors! 

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Step 1

Choose an area in the fall that is in full sun and is not a low spot in the landscape. The soil needs to be well-draining. If amendments will not be enough to keep the water draining well, plan on raising the planting area a few inches.

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