Monday, May 23, 2011

Kay Harmon on her blogspot.... noted Quilting as theraputic. 

I stood beside the gravesite of my Freshman college girlfriend last Saturday.......

Here's what I know about live.... God is good... and a hobby such as quilting is good medicine..... a sanity keeper.. a quiet spiritual place to create from within!

Check out Kay's site.....Here is a part of her quote about Dr William Dunton, a psychiatrist, began collecting Baltimore Album quilts in the 1920s.  He became so interested in them that he self published a book of album quilts in 1946.  Only 2000 copies were printed so finding one in any condition is rare.  Here is what else Kay had to say......."Dr Dunton alludes to quiltmaking as a therapeutic occupation.  He says "In making a quilt top the worker has the stimulation of color and she also has to concentrate upon her task of sewing the pieces together...."  He goes on to say "It is easily understood that a nervous lady who is concentrating on making a quilt block has no time to worry over her fancied physical ill health or even worse over wrongs or slights which may be real, so she is cultivating a more healthy mental attitude and habit."   

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