Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ideas and Inspirations have been flowing....

 So -- when a co-worker is going to retire on May 20th... I picked up this pattern of a Quilt Diva!   With about a week to make it into a wall hanging!  We intend to decorate her reception room with ALL SEWING.... SEW long, SEW excited, SEW you'll be leaving.... etc.

I modified the face and body into a really cool golden, glittering black woman with letters and quilty stuff all around.

It takes a little effort to fussy cut and iron/glue with stitch-witchery.... Plus the next step is to zig-zag stitch.   Then still to border and batting and quilt the rather large item.... Could almost become a coverlet... not recommending washing.... but I think Faye will love it. 
Truth is................. I really want to keep it long enough for more show and tell, plus to keep my inspiration up and make a second just for fun!!!

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