Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hexies . . . a fun process and totally portable

Here are a couple of steps from a couple of other websites....Here is the wording from Lori Holt.... (ps thanking her in advance.....    stop by and visit her at ....

When finished with corners.....
I CAREFULLY remove my paper clip by sliding it off on a diagonal so that I don't pull my fabric off of the paper.

I like to use my trusty iron and PRESS my hexagon on the right side to make a crease on the edges. I DO NOT use this would shrink it somewhat.
At this point...I either leave my paper in if I am stitching my hexie into a flower....or I remove the paper now if I am going to applique the hexagon onto fabric.

I separate my hexies into sixes (you need 6 for the petals in a small flower)...and put them in snack size zip-lock baggies.

I put them all in a plastic container to stay organized.

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