Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Quilter's Investment / The Value of Our Sewing Haven !

I missed the link as I perused the blogworld today... But an article talked about the replacement value of my sewing machine (s) that's (plural) in the event of a flood, fire, tornado, theft, etc....  I happened to have paid a pretty penny for the custom-deluxe (but what was the name brand) sewing machine cabinet.  Even my iron is top notch @ $75.00.  The thread treasury is sizeable and valuble?  I'm about to get dizzy....

Would you and I be able to describe the contents of our sewing room by recall?  Although fabric is purchased a little at a time (on sale if possible) as it goes into collection over time...What would we emotionally value or realistically account for the cash replacement value of our FABRIC STASH?

Our digitized, German-made machines ($5000++ hoops) along with the absolutely gorgeous little Singer Featherweight... would they be covered adequately under our homeowners insurance... or is additional coverage needed?

And then, consider the jewels... the completed quilts that adorn our walls, and 4-5 rooms in the house.  Some of the beds are double and triple layered with quilts in the guest room....

What's a soul to do?   WORRY ONCE... then document, find serial numbers and PHOTOGRAPH all else for the insurance company!!!  Pictures are proof of what is actually owned behind those closed closet doors.  Put the info in a safety deposit box with other valuables.

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