Sunday, December 26, 2010

UFO Project... to be done in 2011!

This is the beginning of my newest venture with web-quiltin friends.   JOIN ME IF U LIKE!

I'm making a list.. and checking in twelve times....  Starting with this one above!!!!

(l)      African Beauty:  12 inch finished - paper pieced PINEAPPLE setting for African Women!
(2)     Tree of Life :  a lonely big block abt 20 inches that needs borders to bring it to life!

(3)         African Print Squares:   Quickly to be finished from a start of January 2010!
(4)     Verbal Freedom Quilt:  another quick finished to be shipped to Philadelphia for exhibit.  The Harder part is to update my bio, and complete an artist statement by February2011  It needs a binding and a Photographers shoot also!

(5)  A Giraffe Quilt for my Sister.   Started just this November, missed Christmas, but this will be an immediate payoff via completion!!!  
(6)  My President's Quilt, Mr Obama..... I've been lacking since the 2008 - 2009 election celebrations!  But it's gonna happen.... it's heavy and big as I hung out the finished top this summer.

Break please...... last and hardest six on next post!

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