Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy to do... create this . . . Gele

Number 9 UFO 2011 is a wonderful creation to be made.....    this will be great....


Number 10 UFO will also be a joy to my heart.... and will be a part of the OKC Winter Quilt Show.... hopefully... if not just a quilt top for show and tell....  along with a generational theme...

This actual jpg is dated 12--2-2005: as it was exhibited in the 2006 OKC Winter Quilt Show... no ribbons... but my entry as has been done every year.    This UNDERGROUND RAILROAD QUILT  was given to an Ohio girlfriend... So cleverly about 2 years ago, I redrafted Eleanor Burns couple of blocks using African Print theme fabric.... and wah-lah..... anew!

Number 11  is very old hat... to YOU, my fellow bloggers.... You may not know the whole story, but back in 2001 or so, my company sent me to Wyoming... and I discovered the children of the world in all colors.... But I'm so drawn to these being my little black girls.

Now that I've broken the basic block outline... and set the on point/ twice over / I was using a garage sale PINK FABRIC... ran out of it... I used a once popular Cure for Cancer theme background.... GORGEOUS !!!

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